To Pakistan, from Zainab

Dear Amma and Baba,

I am looking at you, from the skies. It is beautiful here, mama. It’s just the way you used to describe heaven – flowers, butterflies and rainbows! It’s nothing like the earth.

Although I cannot remember what earth was really like but my last memory of earth was a trash pile; it had an unpleasant odor and flies buzzed in my ears.

But heaven is different, there are no trash piles and it always smells like the perfume you used to wear.Mama, it smells like you.

Does it mean you are watching over me? If you are, you would know that I am happy here, although I miss you and Baba the most.

Baba, please find the man who did this to me. I did not know he was a bad man when he came to me initially.

I thought that he is going to ask me if I am lost but he started to caress my face asking if I wanted some chocolates.

Mama, remember when I told you about the uncle who was touching my body on that wedding and you asked me to remain silent? I thought it’s the same and there’s nothing to worry about.

I thanked the man and said I do not need chocolates but he just grabbed me as I tried to walk away from him.

I started crying, Amma. I was crying so loud screaming for help. No one came to rescue me. Not even the police uncles. I wanted to run home and hide under my blanket.

Mama and Baba he was an evil and shameless man. Please find him and punish him for what he did to me.

I don’t know, why he did this mama but you must make sure this doesn’t happen to any other girl.

Mama and baba, please do not be sad. Do not listen to the people who are pointing fingers at you for what happened to me.

It is not your fault. I don’t know why these people are blaming you.All you wanted was to go to Allah’s house and pray for your family.

I know this because you have always put me before everything else in this world.

Mama, you’ve to stop crying and be strong. Look, how the entire world has stood up for your daughter, look how everyone is raising their voices so my murderer could be punished.

Baba, please don’t break down and be strong and keep amma strong. Allah will punish the monster who took me away from you.

Stay strong and put in all your efforts to make this country safe for girls like me.

Your daughter,

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  1. Faraz says

    Its Pakistan Just chill and enjoy. The only thing a rapist is scare of punishment like government of IRAN gave publicly hang him (rapist), like in australian government they only listen and favour children, teen and women even if man (adult) is innocent but very hard to prove. So the person like me really want some teen but can’t even think about rape. But when we are in pakistan its easy to rape because i know children don’t talk, laws doesn’t work or i have money i can buy anything. Second thing i believe is religion a big problem, in pakistan more than 85% are f@cked by RELIGION, like 70 virgin girls awarded to MOMIN, 12 marriages of Proph. Mohummad PBUH, sex without nikah is BIG SIN even both are happy to do so etc etc. Finally, don’t worry about CSA (Child Sex Abuse) it will remain ever in Paki society.

  2. Annonymous says

    Shall we chill and enjoy if we hear about your family member strangled after being raped- sad comment made Mr Faraz… these things happen all around the world- and that’s the best comment you could make because it’s pakistan… agreed there needs to be tougher penalties for these people- corruption exists everywhere- unfortunately it is severe in Pakistan and innocent people suffer… RIP Zainab … Insha Allah justice will be served…

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