Zainab murder case: Explaining pedophilic disorder

Author’s warning: Explicit content ahead. Don’t read if the word sex gives you a heart attack

Another beauty died. While here we argue whose fault it was, the real issue laughs at us.

The real issue is that people are suffering from mental disorders. The causes are many, yet we don’t want to talk about any of them. And we want to blame it on the others where we all should take blame for whatever is happening right in front of our eyes.

I, as a mental health advocate and a clinical psychologist, take the responsibility of not being able to have helped the society in the way I should.

It breaks my heart to see this, and the others just like this, that only in a year 12 cases of the same issue were reported – Allah knows how many gone unreported.

Due to the shock and pain my words might be a little lousy, but bear with me because we all need to understand what is happening.

Pedophilic disorder is what we saw in action when we heard the heart breaking news of little Zainab’s demise. To understand this concept, we have to talk about basic human needs. We all know those are hunger, thirst and sex.

We have seen wars for water. We have seen people kill each other for food. Sex, however, is the topic we choose not to highlight or talk about.

But only when we see the extreme incidents like this we tend to condemn the people behind it – we want to murder them. Without realizing if we kill the one criminal, the disease won’t die there. We need to address the root cause.

We need to address the topic sex. Our people have bizarre thoughts and concerns about the topic and there’s no one to answer them, to set their thoughts straight – only some quacks and online material,porn, that is made to elevate the aggression in the sexual activity.

When you are hungry and your food is being made, or there’s some time to have the food, your mind starts imagining the food.

The same goes for sex. When you feel the urge, you imagine.

Think about someone who was a victim of child abuse, all grown up. What if he/she is having the urge – what will they imagine about?

In their imagination their partner will be someone who they can overpower, a child. This is called, sexual preference.

Hold on! That is not a disorder.Yet.

When will it be a disorder? It will be considered a disorder, when the individual is 16 years or older.

He/she must be having recurrent and intense sexual fantasies involving sexual activities with children (13 years or younger) for over a period of six months.

These thoughts put a marked distress on the individual. The feelings of guilt, shame, intense sexual frustration or feelings of isolation accompany him/her all the time.

The prevalence of pedophiliac disorder is 3% to 5% in males and a little less in females (DSM5).

What are the risk factors of pedophilic disorder?

  • There’s an interaction between anti-social personality disorder and pedophiliac disorder. It means that the anti-social personality disorder may be considered a risk factor in males with pedophilia
  • Adult males with pedophilia have reported that they were sexually abused in their childhood
  • Some genetic conditions might also be responsible for this condition.

What to do?

As parents communicate with your children the dangers of modern world. Don’t just tell them to not meet that stranger, tell them in nice words to not meet the stranger because of what possible outcome could be. There are videos online from which you can take help. Befriend your kids.

Communicate to the people around you. Talk to them in an open way to know more about them more. And don’t be afraid to offer help if you see someone suffering.

Communicate to the health professionals near you. Talk about mental health. Talk about your personal issues with professionals. Take professional help.

As society if you see something fishy take proper steps regarding it. Take note of changes that are occurring around you. Prepare yourself beforehand. Don’t wait for another incident like this to wake you up.

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  1. Maria Saeed says

    This is a beautifully written article .
    but add some more points regarding it’s control as you have mentioned some at the end
    I am a medical student and I think we should creat awareness in society againt pedophilia . In my eyes this condition is a disease and we should not treat it, we should prevent it . we are back from rest of world as they have reached a stage of prevention and we are still under the process of treatment of problems

  2. Farhan says

    I don’t agree about your editorial on pedophilia disorder disease of criminal. I think it is very natural in pakistani society to rape a weak person (either sex) and depends of rapist what he likes boys or girls. The only thing a rapist is scare of punishment like government of IRAN gave publicly hang him (rapist), like in australian government they only listen and favour children, teen and women even if man (adult) is innocent but very hard to prove. So the person like me really want some teen but can’t even think about rape. But when we are in pakistan its easy to rape because i know children don’t talk, laws doesn’t work or i have money i can buy anything. Second thing i believe is religion a big problem, in pakistan more than 85% are f@cked by RELIGION, like 70 virgin girls awarded to MOMIN, 12 marriages of Proph. Mohummad PBUH, sex without nikah is BIG SIN even both are happy to do so etc etc. Finally, don’t worry about CSA (Child Sex Abuse) it will remain ever in Paki society.

    1. SajK says

      You had to bring in the religion into all this and that also in a bad way….you are really a sick person.

      The paedophilia has nothing to do with Islam or any religion…It’s just a crime like any other one…

  3. SajK says

    Just don’t play it down paedophilia as mere a “disorder”. It is like saying killing, murdering, cheating, bribing is a disease…An evil cannot be just labelled as a “psychological disorder”. It is just an evil crime, pure and simple….

  4. Shaheen says

    I think paedophilia is neither treatable nor preventable,so paedophiles should be kept in medical asylums for good.Otherwise,what else can be done?

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