The police are culprits in Zainab’s murder

Seven-year-old girl Zainab was abducted, molested, and killed in Kasur. Zainab had gone missing on January 4, when she got out of her home to get religious tuition. After a few days, her tortured corpse was found two kilometers away from her home in a garbage pile.

This tragic news has left the entire nation in a state of shock. This is not the first child abuse and murder case in Kasur. A number of heartbreaking cases of this kind have already been reported in Kasur. This was a heinous crime at its extreme.

In this case, the role of police has remained poor. According to the relatives of Zainab, the police were non-cooperative from the first day9. Even initially,the police were reluctant to register the missing case of Zainab.

It was after severe pressure from the civil society that police registered the case – but took no action.

This painful case ignited the outrage of public and protests erupted against this heinous crime in Kasur and in other cities of Punjab as well.

The police completely failed to handle this case properly. The police could not even handle the crowd of people who demonstrated against this case.

The police blatantly began firing on protesters, resultantly, two protesters succumbed to death and about 10 received injuries.

I don’t have words to condemn the unlawful and shameful act of Punjab Police.

Is there any law and order in our country or not?

According to reports, the police have seen a suspected man in CCTV cameras. The question arises: why did the police not check CCTV cameras immediately after the girl went missing?

If the police had taken this case as seriously as it is being taken now, the innocent girl might have been recovered alive.

Repetition of these kinds of shocking and dreadful incidents raise a question mark on the ability of the police department.There is dire need of taking steps to curb these kinds of incidents.

There are several flaws in the police system which need to be detected for ensuring the effectiveness of the police.

Crimes can only be reduced when the police department is given advanced resources, equipment, and training.

Importantly, the police should be depoliticized and must be given free hand to act against criminals irrespective of any discrimination.

Moreover, the police and the government have to implement laws against child abuse, with true spirit, to ensure the protection of children.

Child abuse perpetrators must be punished strictly in order to discourage these kinds of heinous and abominable cases.

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  1. Faraz says

    I don’t agree about your editorial on pedophilia disorder disease of criminal. I think it is very natural in pakistani society to rape a weak person (either sex) and depends of rapist what he likes boys or girls. The only thing a rapist is scare of punishment like government of IRAN gave publicly hang him (rapist), like in australian government they only listen and favour children, teen and women even if man (adult) is innocent but very hard to prove. So the person like me really want some teen but can’t even think about rape. But when we are in pakistan its easy to rape because i know children don’t talk, laws doesn’t work or i have money i can buy anything. Second thing i believe is religion a big problem, in pakistan more than 85% are f@cked by RELIGION, like 70 virgin girls awarded to MOMIN, 12 marriages of Proph. Mohummad PBUH, sex without nikah is BIG SIN even both are happy to do so etc etc. Finally, don’t worry about CSA (Child Sex Abuse) it will remain ever in Paki society.

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