Arth shows Pakistan film industry has a long way to travel. But we’re here to support them

Arth – The Destinationwas to bethe much awaited year ending movie for 2017.The movie is a reboot of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 film and was released worldwide on 21st December 2017.

It stars Shaan, Humaima, Mohib Mirza and introducedUzma Hassan who, I must say, did absolute justice to her character. The story was written and directed by Shaan himself.

Dialogues from the film seemed spell binding right from the trailer, however the story actually did not havemuch to offer. Lines were written only for Uzma (writer) and Ali (Pop star) whereas Omar (film-maker) and Humaima (super star) were left for intimate scenes. I could gather only one dialogue from my memory “tum ne uss ko bata diya?”.

Shaan, who has ruled Lollywood for more than two decades, was looking quite cool as a rock star. His struggle throughout the movie to revive his dead career and his wardrobe in black and white was a treat to watch for his fans.

Humaima, the Bol star was there only to look beautiful. Most of the time she was supposed to show skin and be seen bathing in a tub except for a few scenes in which she played the role of a schizophrenic, going hysteric and having visual hallucinations.

I was surprised to see Mohib Mirza. The man has groomed himself so well over a period of time. He had potential to show much more, but due to poor direction he could not showcase his best. His on screen persona was ruined in showing an extramarital relationship with Humaima.

The highlight of the movie was Uzma Hassan; the lady was successful in creating her impact on silver screen. Her wardrobe, her expressions, her dialogue delivery and her body language were on point and flawless. To add some flavor, Yasir Hussain appeared with his comic dialogues in a few scenes.

Music director Sahir Ali Bagga was able to give some very good numbers. MurshadJee Ali Da Malang was the highlight of the movie. Sanwar day Khudaya was another noteworthy addition to the playlist, with some very heart touching lyrics.

The film was shot in Bristol, Scotland, London and Lahore. The cinematography by Luke Rochclean was excellent and visuals in background were able to hide many flaws.

Shaan put all his effort in making a “masala movie” instead of a good movie by showing excessive use of alcohol and intimate contact in every other scene.

The movie did have some good messages to convey. The story was about the journey of a woman for her own identity; a notion that is considered odd in our society. Uzma, even after being heartbroken, collected herself and gave life to her hidden talent. The story of Ali finding a ray of hope amid darkness, some good friendships and bonds of believing in and strengthening each other.However, the film lacked good dialogues. Mirza’s character as director should have been highlighted.

Also, the censor board should take some responsibility. One thing filmmakers should realize is that they cannot mesmerize the Pakistani audience by flushing in Indian content. Everyone came out of the cinema with one thing in mind: there is a long way to go, but still we are here to support our own content. A day will come when we will see this industry rising again and competing with international films.

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