What Pakistan can learn from the new media in China

China is a country with no Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Dubsmash, Instagram and WhatsApp. They have their own social media which is in Chinese language. So if you do not know Mandarin then there are chances that you will find yourself lonely in the most populous country of the world.

Facebook was blocked in China in 2009 while Google and its supporting apps were blocked in 2011 after it refused to continue censor data on request of the Chinese government. WhatsApp was working fine till the mid of last year, later it was also blocked.

The Chinese not only blocked these social media platforms but developed their own to make their presence felt in the virtual world. They replaced Google with Baidu, Facebook with Renren, Twitter with Weibo, YouTube with Youku and WhatsApp with WeChat.

The Chinese don’t feel the need for these social media platforms, because they have their own. It’s the foreigners who go there to study,work or travel, and miss their social media lives.But once they start to use the internet and apps in China, they find it to be the coolest country on the planet because of the new media. China has hundreds of apps offering different services. You want to book a movie ticket, order a taxi, hire a maid to clean your house, order food or get dry clean your coat just go to the respective apps and the service is right at your doorstep.

Instead of using different apps you can use WeChat only. In China, WeChat is not only a simple messaging and calling app, it offers a lot more than that. The Chinese can connect their bank cards to WeChat and make payments with it. Even a fruit seller sitting on a roadside has a WeChat payment QR scan code printed on a board placed right next to its fruit basket. Just scan the code, add the amount, enter your pin code and tap on done. No need to carry cash or bank cards all the time.

Other than making payments, you can also receive different utilities and public services through WeChat, ranging from booking an airline ticket to ordering a taxi to book a trip to the Great Wall of China.

China has many other apps offering various services. You want to shift your house; no need to contact your friends or neighbors to help you find a truck to transfer goods. Just go to the app, choose vehicle of your choice, tell your desired time, make the payment and it’s done. The vehicle will arrive at your mentioned address and time. The staff will load your luggage on the vehicle and shift to your new place.

You want to hire a babysitter for your baby; open the app and choose the babysitter of your choice and it’s done.

The Chinese are an inspiring nation. They lived in isolation for years, but that isolation –instead of taking them back to the era of caves – helped them conquer the world. It was just their belief in themselves which motivated them to work harder and to survive in this world without receiving any aid or help from any other country.

The one thing which we can learn from the Chinese is that blocking or boycotting foreign products or services is not the solution. The ultimate solution is to boycott their product and services, to introduce your own and to make those used by the world.

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  1. Salim says

    What a foolish article , to make your own things, a country should have that capability first , without any manufacturing and industrial base how can you make your products and please don’t try to imitate a country where there is no free speech , even your land is owned by the government

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