Pakistan needs sustainable democracy

Nawaz Sharif recently said that Pakistan was once again on the path of obliteration. And this revelation from him came after his removal from premiership. Before that, everything was fine-tuned.

It is quite strange to observe that he cannot even trust the government of his companions and even his brother. How come he can say this?

Before his disqualification, he was of the view that the country is heading towards becoming ‘Asian Tiger’, but now he eschewed this view and perceive the future of the country deteriorating.

This stance,as a matter of fact, shows that the form of government in Pakistan is based on personalities consisting of pirs, chaudaries, nawabs, waderas, etc.

Sustainable democracy is something that is not affected due to the comings and goings of personalities. The form of government we are living under is analogous to kingdom where things are controlled by some chiefs, and the process of decision making is centralized. Nawaz Sharif is still the de facto premier.

One might not have seen any of the ex-presidents of America having such strapping clasp in their parties as it can be visualized in Pakistan. Once they complete their tenure the new leaders replace them, and the people recognize them.

In contemporary history, George Bush and Obama were among the powerful men, but after completing their two terms, they went on doing personal activities and said good-bye to politics – in other words, they gave chance to other leaders of their respective parties to come into sight.

Moreover, the form and structure of government there is sustainable. The same is the case with United Kingdom. These countries are among those from where the modern democracy brought forth. Pakistan needs to follow them when it comes to democracy.

This is not only about PML-N, but the situation of other political parties is also identical. There are some members of the families that are indulge in power politics and the entire nation is supposed to follow and bear them in all weathers. They are all-powerful.

The government system of our country, as earlier mentioned, has resemblance with the countries where kingdom prevails. Dynastic politics is the part and parcel factor of this form.

Historically, no one really cared about setting up the democratic system in the country. Long-lasting dictators added fuel to the fire.

If observed from another angle, democracy is where the new people are supposed to replace the old faces. Owing to the absence of this factor, in every successive election we have to see the members of the same family in power, better be called dynasty in charge of country’s affairs.

The nation of Pakistan is fed up with these politicians who cannot shield the people of the country from various hazards including terrorism. The old faces do not attract them.

It is clear that Nawaz Sharif believes without him, the condition of Pakistan will only be deteriorating and with him everything will be fine and on the track.

Democracy requires the common people to play their part and outcast the politicians that are dictators from within. The standard of living of some of the preferred people of these leaders is flourishing while the economicsituation of the entire nation is getting worse day by day. The entire country has been encircled by the vicious circle.

Lastly, until these so-called personalities and their pedigrees are bounded by certain limits, the true spirit of democracy will not be operational in Pakistan.Frankly speaking, it would be surrounded by the perils ready to debilitate the democracy the nation is craving to see in the country.

The real essence of sustainable democracy is when the life of the common man is improved.And this will happen only at the time they get at least economical and qualitative food and shelter.

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  1. Ahmed says

    Nothing sustain in Pakistan than how come democracy is going to be sustained, but yes this new concept needs to be introduced in politics.

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