Optimismvs Pessimism: Your attitude is one thing that no one can take away from you

A positive attitude is person’s passport toa better tomorrow. – Unknown

Have you ever caughtup with the expression “a glass as half full and half empty”?It usually refers to how inversely optimistic and pessimistic people look at the world. The optimist reflects the glass as half full, they figure out positivity in each aspect, while the pessimist ponders that the glass is half empty and his approach is somehow negative. It can be defined as someone who grasps endless hope in their concerned matters,while the ones who perceive hopeless end to their story.

Jeff Keller, the founder and president of Attitude is Everything claims that success begins in the mind. Your attainment initially depends the way you think! And your attitude is the window through which you observe the world; some keep their window-pane unblemished with the filter of optimism, while others live having mesh of pessimism on it.

Jeff has agreed to the fact that life is neither a bed of roses nor a luxurious feast. Certainly, a point comes when life starts throwing dirt at your window and it gets splattered by the mud of negativity – criticism of parents, teachers – ridicule from peers –disappointments – smeared by rejection – and clouded by doubts. Plus the wrong approach you take at that point is, you begin mistrusting yourself, get frustrated, lose enthusiasm and let your window becoming filthier by time with all the negativity coming towards it.

The need is to wash up your window in order to see the world with an anticipative vision. And it can come about just by changing the attitude and controlling your thoughts. It’s your own duty to clear out your window as in the end – no else can do it for you.

Most of the people must be thinking, “It is easy to say that change your attitude, be optimistic and see the world through clean window, but you wouldn’t be saying this if you were up to face my problems”. Granted, some people may really have devastating problems and might have endured much suffering and still might be going through worst circumstances. But under the nastiest situations Jeff still contends to have a positive attitude. It might not be much soothing, but the choice is entirely yours – whether you want to continue distressing or take a stand by freeing up yourself from the prison of your own thoughts.

“You can’t always control the circumstances but you can control your own thoughts” – Charles Popplestone

Dr. Viktor Frankl, a motivational speaker on the subject of attitude, probably had gone through hell as he was prisoned in the Nazi death camps and his family was murdered in the gas chambers. He suffered from every day hunger, cold – and brutality – but remained firm in controlling his approach. He states some truly optimistic words in his book named Man’s Search for Meaning, “Everything can be taken from a human being but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way…”

Now if Dr. Viktor had the ability to choose his attitude under such fierce circumstances, are we right to say that we can’t control our thoughts and espouse optimism rather than being pessimists? We undoubtedly need a spell for considering our thoughts and enhancing our attitudes.

Furthermore, optimism alone can’t lead you to success. “Act upon!” – these are the two-word step to anenthusiastic attitude, for a fruitful life. Without positivity, self-belief and optimism you can’t activate any other principle of success, because thoughts precede actions. To think affirmative – say ‘I can’ in place of ‘I can’t’ –is certainly the first and most important step towards a sustainable life.

Don’t dwell on your problems, instead concentrate on solutions – rather than finding faults in others, look for good in them – count your blessings in preference of focusing on what’s missing – grab possibilities in lieu of discerning the limitations.

“Attitudes are a secret power working 24 hours a day for good or bad.” – Unknown

When you learn to be optimistic, are encouraged, and progressive –make your attitude window clear to the world.The light will pour through your pane and you’ll feel empowered and cherish a gratifying time. Positive attitude along acting upon the positive thoughts will undeniably make you unstoppable!

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