Trump’s evangelism for Israel might permanently destroy the two-state solution

A resolution by UN Security Council calling for the withdrawal of Trump’s move of Israel’s capital has been backed by every member except the US, which used its veto. The United States stood alone as one after another UN Security Council members criticized its decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.It was “unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region,” and “not in line” with the UN Security Council resolutions, five European countries said last week.Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem has infuriated the Arab world and upset Western allies, sparking more violence in the region. The US president disregarded global opinion on the matter with this decision.A third intifada may or may not occur but the US had imposed a new war on the Muslim world. Not only the Muslim states but the US itself would not remain safe in this conflict.

In the recent past, United States has been contemplating forming a military coalition with several Arab allies to counter Iran. Mr. Trump encouraged a “regional” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, backing a proposal for the Jewish state to unite with Arab powers against Iran. In an article titled‘The dilemma of Arab Israel Alliance’ I had emphasized that the plan, and then the delay to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was another smart move of US in that time period to bring Arabs close for an alliance with Israel against Iran. Where do Palestinians stand in all these policies and alliances where the clash is not for power but for human rights?

Trump’s claim of a ‘new approach’ is nothing but the same old path that American administrations have trodden for the past seven decades since 1948, when the Israeli state was established by acts of violence against Palestinians. It is clear that for Israel’s government there is no intention to engage in peace negotiations with Palestinians to reach a final status of two states. There is only a process of relentless dispossession of Palestinians. In my article, ‘Israel-the next super power’, which was discussed in ArutzSheva the Israeli National News in December 2014, I focused on the very words said by Israeli prime minister ‘the time to build…has come’ as he said building the Jewish Temple is the paramount demand of the Torah as it is at the forefront of Jewish salvation. He called for a third Temple to be built on the site, which today is home to the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque and is considered Judaism’s holiest site and Islam’s third holiest. Now the very words to focus said by Mr Trump are,”I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

The present situation is showing that Israel will emerge as a superpower that is not answerable to anyone. And surely the greater Israel will come into existence before the arrival of the anti-Christ, and for whom they are paving the way impatiently. And then finally Jesus Christ will come to break the oppressive reign of the end-time superpower. The real end time is only known by Allah Almighty.However,the Zionists would neither remain safe in this conflict nor would remain content with raising Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.Allah Almighty, the lord of heavens and earth, commands justice and forbids injustice which is the violation of the truth. Unjust decisions while believing in prophecies not known the truth inside will not be forgiven by Allah Almighty. But, no doubt, this is purely an ideological war and not a religious conflict. This war and injustice is for power. And it’s about hegemony in the Middle East. The evangelists could always site God on their side. But if any society rejects God’s way of love, acceptance, tolerance and peace then it will reap the consequences in terms of conflict, exploitation and often violence.

Trump’s evangelism over Jerusalem will not bring peace. Muslim jihadists and Third Temple revivalists all can be excited by his move. Celebrating the decision, Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu, insisted that every sovereign country had the right to choose its own capital. But this goes for a Palestinian sovereign state as well. It seems as if the two-state solution is about dead now. The question is, does this move make peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis harder or easier? And now how much The Camp David Accords would be effective which was signed for the peace between Egypt and Israel in 1978.

The holy city lies at the heart of Palestinian identity and this reckless move by US is almost certain to doom the two-state solution. Humiliated by Israel for decades and treated in a subhuman manner,the Palestinians will be looking fora new peace talk broker instead of the United States and would seek a United Nations Security Council resolution over Trump’s decision.  I think United States is no longer mistaken as a neutral mediator.

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