Pakistan’s modern gun culture needs to be curtailed

What is the first thing that anyone can see after landing in Pakistan? The roaring naked guns!

They exist everywhere – in the hands of terrorists, as well as in the hands of educated people in different shapes and sizes. They are the common weapon of choice to be used to resolve any issues.

If we go back to the recent past, we can recount several incidents when guns have been used.For example, in the case of Model Town and Faizabad.

While the lower classes use these weapons in secret, it is the upper class and the affluent that proudly display these weapons and encourage their use candidly.

We live in a society where everyone shows his authority through gun.

It seems as though these guns do more harm than good as they aren’t usually present at the right time. For example, where were they during the ruthless APS attack in Peshawar took place or during the incident in Charsadda University?

Seeing guns at schools or at VIP functions is a norm in our society. Can one imagine the impact of these sights on common people?

Other than that,it has a negative impact on our image on a national and international level.

What sort of message we are disseminating to our younger generation?

Are we telling them that there are no rules and norms to follow to fulfill your basic needs and that holding a gun is the only way to progress?

I am amazed at how guns do not work before the chests of high rank people but they kill common people on the same occasion.

And also, how guns become useless before VIPs, but are very functional in public places.

We are ruining the foundations of our society. Now, the responsibility is on the government and other institutions.

The government is the real owner and all polices should be implemented by them.

The government should find asolution to this very serious issue of modern gun culture and provide a gun free atmosphere to the next generation.

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  1. akmal says

    good write, I THINK THAT ALL GUNS SHOULD BE BANNED IN PAK FULL STOP ,including vip,s & anyone with gun should be sent down for 10years no compromise at. i guarantee u that all the killing and robbery’s will stop & to solve problems pple will start talking not shooting

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