Will PRSS-1 send Pakistan’s satellite fortunes into orbit?

The purpose of writing this article is basically to make people aware about the advancing technology of satellite. This is despite the fact that there might be many who mightn’t know anything about satellites – objects revolving round the Earththat are launched for some specific in space. But the real question is: what is the scope of this technology in Pakistan?

It all started when U.S. launched its first satellite SPUTNIK-1 successfully. After the launch of their first satellite, they continuously performed the successful experiments regarding satellite which were used for specific purposes.For instance, communication setups, navigation system, data transferring etc. Now the technology based on satellites is advancing day by day. Scientists perform countless experiments regarding satellites and the new technology is ready to be launched.

If we cast a glance at any field of life, then we will come to know that satellitetechnology is involved in every aspect of life. It is being used directly or indirectly and has now becomean integral part of our lives.

This technology is being widely used in foreign countries and is making progress day by day.

From the live broadcasting of TV channels, it goes beyond to the idea of spending life on other planets, through the technology of satellites.

Recently, NASA discovered a new blackhole in space and now they are planning to develop a global network satellite trough which the internet service can be directly accessed without having the interference of telephone lines, twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables.

Optical fiber is the fastest mode of data transferring, but if this experiment become successful then there would be incredible increase in the speed of data transferring, communication linkups, teleconferencing, video conferencing.

But,regretfully, the scope of using satellite technology is not very vast in Pakistan.In satellite technology Pakistan is not making any rapid progress.

Important measures were not taken seriously by national space agency SUPARCO. In 1990, Pakistan launched its first satellite in space named BADR-1.This satellite is a gateway towards modern technology and scientific development in Pakistan.

Soon after the launching of BADR-1 Pakistan launched another satellite named BADR-B. It was a successful experiment, but no more steps were taken in this regard.

After the launching of these satellites there was a long pause in the development of new satellite.

Now there is big news that Pakistan is going to launch its new satellite termed as PRSS-1(Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite) in the near future.

This satellite is based on fiber optic cables,which are used for the transmission of signals. This satellite is a dual purpose Earth observational and optical satellite and it also provides us the facility of monitoring the coastal areas – and any information which is based on environmental issues.

If the experiment of this satellite proves successful, then it would act as a gateway of technology and open new ways of technology making wayfor progress in Pakistan.

The future of this technology is very bright if we use it properly and our government pays full attention towards the satellites.

Today, when many other countries are busy in their new inventions of satellite, it is sorry to see Pakistan not included in the race of these new innovations and inventions.

That’s the difference between actually having talent and resources and not trying to even utilize it properly. The only reason for the development and the progress of other countries is that they have the talent and they appreciate it properly.


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