Instead of exhibiting self-defeating outrage over Jerusalem, the Muslim world should actively back Israeli-Palestinian negotiations 

Donald Trump’s recent support to move the Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem rocked the world generally and Muslim countries particularly. The decision that other American presidents could not take due to the fear of severe backlash from the Muslim world was taken by Trump. He proclaimed it on December 5, 2017 while talking to media. Trump also asked the American authorities in Israel to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

He furthered demanded that the “civilized world” should accept this decision. His civilized world’s notion is still indistinct and curious for a number of leaders including the ones from Europe. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the decision by terming it “courageous and just.” On the other side, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, termed it “destruction of all the efforts to achieve peace.”

Jerusalem is home to the holy sites of Jews, Muslims and Christians. For Muslims, it has enormous significance as it was the first Kiblah for them and the event of Mi’raj also happened at the same holy place.

Though Muslim countries showed their anger straight away when this decision was made, but this is not adequate as now is the time to find out practical solution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Turkey called for an immediate meeting of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). The members of OIC met on December 13 and declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.Historically, OIC has failed to unearth a solution to this very issue and it seems dormant since its establishment when it comes to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is yet to prove that it is as effective as the EU.

The Royal Court of KSA declared the decision subjugation of “historical and permanent rights of the Palestinian people.” Minister Khawaja Asif, Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, also condemned the decision and termed it not only against the Palestinians but also against the whole Muslim world. The reaction of other Muslim countries was identical. People got out of their homes to protest the Trump’s decision. People especially in Palestine showed their anger by setting on fire the pictures of Trump. People on social media are intensely censoring this decision.

European leaders have also showed their anger over it and believe that this is going to shatter any hope left for finding a peaceful solution of Mideast crisis. 28 EU foreign ministers have already warned Trump administration to not take any such move and have its embassy remained in Tel Aviv. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres after this decision stressed over finding the solution through negotiation.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, under UN and SC, is yet to be resolved. Negotiation is the first and last option left now for this conflict. If it is not carried out, Trump’s decision will further alienate the relations between two chief communities, Muslims and Jews, and the results will be more loss of lives. Palestinians are already facing a lot of tribulations; they have borne the brunt of the war that Israelis have inflicted on them. No one is allowed to subjugate the right to self-determination of any community around the world.

Muslim world is already divided especially among the Sunni and Shia sects. KSA is fighting hard to wreck Iranian image and entities sustaining it anywhere in the world and same is the case with Iran. The prime responsibility for this issue falls on the entire Muslim world’s shoulders. If they remain divided even on this issue, Israeli dominance in the region will remain intact and more and more people would have to lose their lives owing to their negligence.

Instead of making hollow claims and promises to the Palestinians, now particularly the Muslims world would have to put its joint efforts in finding the solution to this issue that is the key to serenity in Middle East. Differences are evident to rise, but for it, they along with the leaders of various other countries of the world are required to get united and find out a peaceful solution.

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  1. AKMAL says

    it is shameful that all the muslim country,s could not come together on this matter ,it should have been straight forward sanctions on USA (surely the muslim world is not so weak) instead they spoke and as usual the rest of world ignored .if this had been other way around can u imagine what action USA & EUROPE would have taken , WHEN SELF INTEREST AS LEADERS THE END RESULT IS WHAT SEE INFRONT OF U..SHAMEFUL

    1. Ahmed Niazi says

      Exactly! Muslims are severely divided as mentioned in the article. They should stand up for their rights like EU.

  2. Ahmed Niazi says

    In fact, this shia-sunni quagmire is causing more havoc on Muslims. Hope oppressed communities get freedom soon.

  3. Tomas Rivera says

    The impediment to peace is the Arabs clinging to the hope that Israel will just go away. Once they are convinced that Israel is permanent in the Middle East (and declaring Jerusalem as capital helps this) then negotiations can finally begin for real. Between Hamas, Hezbullah and Iran continually calling Israel illegitimate, there will never be a real solution.
    Trump specifically said nothing about where borders should be or any other final negotiations. So, Israel can have NO part of Jerusalem as its capital then?

    1. Ahmed Niazi says

      Dear Tomas, Israel is an illegitimate state made out of imperialism and only on the notion that the land has some many things belonging to jews. ok for just a second, lets support that israel is a real and legitimate state, then i am afraid muslim might go and occupy spain and other parts of europe where they ruled for hundreds of years and they can also say that they have a lot of things that belong to them.
      Hope you get it.

  4. Tomas Rivera says

    And remember, only a couple months ago, UNESCO was passing resolutions that Jews had no connection to Jerusalem. Is that a good idea too?

    1. Ahmed Niazi says

      It should not be observed from the religious angle only; Jews occupy Palestinians’ land. No one gave them this right. And yes, if UNESCO is moving any such thing, it will be for a better and secure future but no one can deny Jews’ affiliation from Palestine, This affiliation really does not give them right to occupy it.

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