Journey to the ‘Killer Mountain’

She got permission to visit the killer mountain. She started her first ever, long distance road trip of about two nights and a day, and finally she felt like she was nearing reality. Although that road trip was hectic, what started afterwards was something she had never imagined.

Packing her backpack, she went to Saddar in Lahore. Her friends were already there for her. They waited for a friend for an hour and then finally the wheels start rolling.

The first stop over was at Islamabad. After a short stay, they reach Bisham and had lunch at local dhaba with the finest fish ever.

They loaded a bus again and reached the Kohistan check-post where they got to know that these check-posts are under convoy system and that the time to pass the check post was over. With no other option left, they were forced to turn back and stay at Bisham.

They decided to stay at PTDC which is one of the safest places they could come across. The very next morning, they took to the road again at 5am.

They feasted on a traditional lunch at Chilas and then they moved for Raikot, from where they got 4/4 jeeps for Tato village. The jeep tracks are purely constructed by locals of the village.

A small cluster of villagers used to live there and use that track regularly. The jeeps offloaded at Tato village, onward from which they had to hike towards Fairy Meadows.

Everyone but the girl set out on her first ever journey was used to hiking. She looked up toward the ‘Killer Mountain’ and asked herself if she had the strength to make it to the top.

With feelings of anxiety and nervousness, she took to the track and began her journey with a selfie.

After an hour on the track, she was dehydrated although she still had the stamina to push forward. The day began turning to night.5thMarch was an unsuitable time for hiking.

Their batteries died and everyone was weary from the long journey. However, the brave porter kept uttering words of encouragement to lift the hikers’ spirit (Baji bus 10 minute rehgaye).

That track wasn’t a normal track –it was steep, had cuts that were sharp and there was about 2 feet of snow along with melting glaciers. After 6 hours of staying on foot, there was light! A light of relief, a light of huts constructed and managed by locals.

The hikers rushed towards the huts. After a change of clothes, they were served soup to fill their stomachs after their long journey.

The next morning at around 6am their guide woke them up to watch the sunrise. The female traveler opened her eyes and from her wooden hut, through the glass door, she saw the Nanga Parbat standing tall, wearing a white sheet, and an orange sun rising at its top.

She rushed towards the view without putting on anything warm, while everyone exclaimed in worry! “You’ll get sick of the cold, you fool”, they said.

She really was a fool, unable to register the -3 degree temperature at the time. But all she could thing about was her dream of standing in front of the ‘Killer Mountain’, Nanga Parbat.

The mountain lies at the western anchor of the Himalayas and is the 9th highest mountain of the world at 8,126 meters above sea level. It is known as the Killer Mountain.

After an exciting 2-day stay, she and the group began their journey back home.

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