Dear APS martyrs, it didn’t take us long to forget you. But please do forgive us

The December 16 massacre was more than lachrymator for every Pakistani and the rest of the world. They spilled blood of the uncut diamonds, that clotted in the eyes of every Pakistani.

We reacted to the massacre on different outlets with one tagline “We will never forget you – the smallest coffins are the heaviest”. And among us the biggest sympathy was shown by Khan saab by halting his sit-in.

The overcoming of sectarian split, keeping aside the political differences by all parties, harmony of the federating units and positive journalism around the APS massacre, declared 16 December as the Black Day in the history of Pakistan.

The unification of our polarized society, which was acting as a single unit and in lieu of their ethnicity or religious affiliations, led to collective protests and urgesfor government and military to retaliate massively against terrorism.

Therefore, it was an unequivocal vow for the obliteration of terrorism from roots, due to the emergence of national integration inclusive of every Pakistani.

This spark had given them the push to go for strenuous actions. And it looked as though we would be able to lift the weight off the victims’ parents’ shoulders.

Some chinks might have remained in our solidarity because within a very short period of time after the massacre, which could not have been more than a week, we had forgotten our tagline “we will never forget you”.

There was a staged matinee – I apologize for calling the protest of Jibran Nasir in wake of MaulanaAbdul Aziz’s contentious statement on the APS attack as such. Media coverage and talk shows discourses diverted and bogged down the issue in the futile clash between these two groups.

This matinee transformed the tragedy of APS and acted as an anticoagulant and lent us a hand in shedding the retained blood clot of small coffins in our eyes. Therefore, after a very short time of national integration, our pretext of solidarities once again recrudesced.

The time called for an effective counter-terror action instead of a weak-kneed National Action Plan. Therefore, on every anniversary we can only apologise to our innocent ascended souls like.

Dear ascended stars, we regretted for not maintaining your remembrance for a long enough time. We are busy in our own interests and aren’t able to a lift the weight off your parents’ shoulders.

We promised that you will never be forgotten, but there was oblivion after the very first week –please forgive us.

We bawled that your blood is clotted in our eyes and will never be shed before shedding the blood of terrorists, but we washed out our eyes quickly instead of pouring out what was necessary on the draft documents of policymakers – pleaseforgive us.

In your memories, December 16 is celebrated as a Black Day for you and your parents, instead of a Black Day for terrorists –please forgive us.

But dear ascended souls, you could breathe a sigh of relief because we have created songs with amazing rhymes in your memories.

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