How to cure the yellow fever of journalism

Media is considered the fourth pillar of state.With the rise of different media channels it is very simple for news channels to create hype among the masses related to any topic, which might not have any importance at all.

Channels are only concerned about the sensationalism in the news, regardless of its authenticity. Media is supposed to be independent, realistic and unbiased, but mostly they are just exaggerating the news to attract their followers.

Different media channels support different political parties as per their hidden agendas.Some channels always support the ruling parties, but these policies must be neglected during reporting. They should avoid favouritism and blame game.

The greed of ratings is responsible for the propaganda regarding any insignificant issues.Journalist show fake interviews, wrong facts and figures and do biased reporting just to gain Television Rating Points (TRPs).There is alot of difference between true news and popular news.

Journalists should be responsible for their reporting, and they must be sincere with their profession.They should not share their opinion and avoid showing their personal interests while reporting.They should remain loyal and truthful to their profession and try to bring positive effects on the society.

Media channels should do their work with an open mind to avoid any exaggerating the news.True essence of journalism is seen when any channel remains impartial and just presents the issues without manipulation.

A set of rules and regulations is established by the court in order avoid such issues.If a channel misinterprets the facts and figures and defames a public celebrity to manipulate an incident, legal action should be taken or a show cause notice should be issued to the respective channel.

This is the only way “yellow journalism” can be avoided.


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