Instead of focusing only on Peshawar, PTI must strike a balance in KP development efforts

Few months ago the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkwa started work on Bus Rapid Transit. In the last four years, it is one of the mega projects in KP started by the provincial government. It is 26 km long and entails 31 stations. It would be running about 14.9km at grade, about 6km at elevated level and some 4.9km through tunnel. It will be completed in six months with an estimated cost of Rs 41 billion.

For the last few years, people are facing congested traffic in few parts of the city such as in front of the KP provincial assembly, governor house, Saddar, Nauteyya and University road. Mostly teachers, students and patients are facing this problem frequently,but in the past no government has taken any step for the solution of these traffic jams. After completion of this project, the KP government will overcome the problem of massive traffic in Peshawar. They will be able to highlight this achievement in the upcoming elections of 2018. Unfortunately, earlier Imran Khan had called Metro Bus in Lahore “jangla bus” and said that his government will only focus on human infrastructure rather than construction of highways and roads. So it’s also a sort of proverbial “u-turn’’ for which Imran khan is infamous. However, the general public believes that after the completion of this project the traffic problem will be solved.

Similarly, last year on 19th January,the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government inaugurated Bab-e-Peshawar flyover in phase 3, Hayatabad. The flyover was completed in a record time period of six months. Rs 1.7 billion were invested on this mega project. Before this flyover, people would have to wait for two or three hours due to traffic jams. People faced accidents and loss of precious time. After the completion of this project, travelling to other surrounding areas now takes only a few minutes.

It is necessary for the provincial government to construct new roads and highways in other parts of the province to control accidents and traffic jams. If Imran Khan only favors theDistrict of Peshawar in infrastructure projects, instead of initiating developmental projects in other districts of KP,then he may be able to bag a huge numbers of votes in the 2018 elections in the capital of Peshawar,but his party may face bad fortune in other districts of KP. It is imperative for PTI to maintain a balance in distribution of developmental funds and projects among all districts of KP.

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