Well done PEMRA, for stopping Sindhi channels from promoting violence and misogyny

On 30th November, PEMRA directed all Sindhi TV channels to stop showing violence based dramas in which Sindhi people are portrayed as extremists and pro-violence. I must appreciate this step of PEMRA.

Since the opening of Sindhi TV Channels, most of the telecasted dramas degraded the image of the Sindhi community and disgraced the social and cultural values of the province. Sindhi channels have promoted dharelculture, arms culture, revenge, honor killing, violence against women, domestic violence, kidnapping,jirgasystemetc through their dramas.

In these dramas, it has been shown that if anyone does not get justice through proper system, he resorts to using a gun and becomes a rebel to take revenge.

It is extremely hard for me to understand the kind of culture that is being promoted. This kind of content has a negative impact in the minds of people–especially children.

The negative impact can be felt easily when we see that nowadays children love to play with fake arms rather than getting involved in healthy games.

In many Sindhi dramas, the role of the police is depicted negatively. Policemen are shown as helpless, who favor landlords and powerful people rather than serving common people.

Due to these dramas, common people lose their trust with the police and they think that the police would never help them. The dignity of the police is also being affected.

In most of the Sindhi dramas, a male family member beats the female family members on petty issues such as delay in preparing meals, less sugar in tea, more salt in food, etc. They show that a strong man is one who beats his wife/sister/daughter, etc.

These concepts are inhumane. Intolerance is being promoted among the masses.

Women are also disgraced through these kind of dramas. A few channels also use vulgar language in dramas and one cannot watch those dramas with family.

Moreover, honor killing is also encouraged through these dramas. It is being shown that Sindhi people are conservative and kill their women in the name of honor.

It is a fact that honor killing and intolerance is prevails in our society, but it is the responsibility of media to discourage illegal acts of honor killing and Jirga system. The media should highlight the positive aspects of our society.

Sindhi people are supportive of education and are working in highly reputable institutions to serve the people.

Sindh is the land of Sufis-Qalander, Bhittai, and Sachal who always promoted love and peace.

Sindhi people are hospitable and peace loving people in the world. But Sindhi media has seldom shown the positive aspects of the Sindhi community.

I remember the dramas telecasted on PTV in the past, which have always shown the positive aspects of the Sindhi community.  For example, NatakRang and ChhotiSi Dunia are PTV based dramas which have presented the real Sindhi society. This is why people love to watch these kinds of dramas.

Sadly, Sindhi TV Channels have not played their role to bring reforms in the society. I hope after the advice of PEMRA, Sindhi channels would stop telecasting such dramas which destroy the image of Sindh and Sindhi people.

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