The rise of the Modi regime has scarred the secular face of India

Mr. Modi assumed the office of Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world: India. His party won unexpectedly and on the populist slogans against Pakistan and Islam. The brainchild behind his ideology is RSS – the party that was responsible for the assassination of the founding father of India. Moreover, he was banned from travel in the US for his infamous Gujrat carnage where thousands of Muslims were brutally killed. Donald Trump in the US, Kim Jong-Un in North Korea and Narendar Modi in India –it appears that this world needs a new order considering that all the incidents that have taken place, despite the establishment of democracy.

RSS is the offshoot of BJP. The infamous acts of Hindu nationalists and right-wing pupils have blemished the image of secular India. Unfortunately, the ruling party has not bothered to release any condemnation statement against the persecution of minorities. The civil society raised voices, intellectuals returned awards and accolades, and a neutral watchdog condemned it and raises concerns, left-wing students of Jawaharlal Nehru University gave an equally tough time to RSS mobs.

The cow is a sacred animal in Hinduism and worshipped widely across the country. Various states have legislation in place to control the level of cattle slaughter. But more recently, Hindu nationalists have been demanding the law be more stringently applied and even calling for a blanket ban on beef. Around 5 to 7 people reportedly have been killed on the mere suspicion of cow consumption. Contrary to this, India is one of the largest meat exporters in the world.

Hinduism is and continues to be one of the great religions of the world. Its polytheistic nature means that Hindus worship a wide range of Gods – often within the same family – thereby allowing greater tolerance for differing views. This tolerance has been the hallmark of Hinduism for generations.But the Hindu nationalist movement is attempting to hijack our religious identity to serve its own vision, ignoring and often attacking, any opposing viewpoint.

In 1909 a pamphlet titled Hindus: A Dying Race was published which made the absurd argument that Hindus would soon become a minority and Muslims would become the majority in India. This theory seems to be haunting many in India.

India was initially governed by Nehru, a secularist and pluralist. Since then, India is slowly diving into the ocean of religious hatred, opposed by educated elite and supported fully or partially by the middle-class. Besides Muslims, Christians, Dalits and other lower-class Hindu also fall into victimization at the hands of Hindu Taliban.

The reasons behind the stronghold of Hindu revivalists are: firstly, RSS and company seek to put pressure on Modi to for using his electoral mandate to implement choices and laws of their choice. This can easily be inferred from the statements of various stalwarts of BJP. Niranjan Jyoti with her remarks or External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj talking about the need to make the Bhagvad Geeta the national book of India. There is no denying that these people supported Modi and played a significant part in his victory. Moreover, bringing religiously, socially, politically and economically intolerable goons under the cloak of politicians is going to have serious and deep-rooted scars on the face of the secular image of India.

Another incident these days is in the spotlight about the film Padmavati starring Deepika as a lead actress playing the role of Rajput Princess and Ranveer Singh playing the role of Allauddin Khilji. According to Shri Rajput Karni Sena, the film has defamed their queen. Consequently, Jaipur-based Shri Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS), which claims to represent the Rajput community, has offered Rs 5 crore for anyone who beheads Bhansali or cuts off DeepikaPadukone’s nose.

These events are certainly raising eyebrows on the secular image of India. A growing negative nationalism has invited the backlash of secular people across the world. This is certainly the state’s failure to contain Hindu Taliban but unfortunately, nothing has been done to prevent them from being fascist. Modi and his cronies are clearly flirting with fascism.

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  1. akmal says

    we the muslims are always in lime light for bad ,but the likes of jews & hindus & now even the Buddhists are literally getting away with murder (of muslims) everyday and not a word is said .when u are weak & fighting amongst urselfs this is what happens

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