Sindh education minister’s comment on NTS-passed teachers is either a terrible joke, or downright abuse

The statement of the Education Minster of Sindh, regarding the extension of contract for NTS passed teachers of Sindh is cruel and actually abuse.

The teachers who have been working hard for the last three years, are being trapped by extension of the contract.

During the contract of three years, we were forced to teach in schools for the first 16 months without pay.

We have been getting fixed salary for the last three years. Every kind of allowances and professional rights has been deprived to us.

The situation is very disheartening. We are already facing a lot of financial problems.

Now our contract is going to end and we are waiting to get the reward i.e. regularization.But our Education Minister has told a new story: that the contract will be extended after appearing in the test again.

Perhaps he does not know that we have already passed the NTS test.

Why is this policy created only for us?

Why was this policy not applicable for earlier government employees?

Why are the NTS passed teachers only being targeted?

We are working hard. We are working on the foundations of students, helping them improve their educational skills.

We have the passion to correct the education system in Sindh. For this we are struggling very hard. Education officials are also witness to this.

We do not accept this cruelty. This is a very terribly joke with NTS passed teachers, and we will not accept this statement in any case.

Our legitimate demand is to give us our right after the end of the agreement: let us be permanent.

Our demand is that government should clearly announce that we are permanent employees of the government of Sindh. We will be very thankful to the education minister for this act of kindness.

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