Sindh education minister’s comment on NTS-passed teachers is either a terrible joke, or downright abuse

The statement of the Education Minster of Sindh, regarding the extension of contract for NTS passed teachers of Sindh is cruel and actually abuse.

The teachers who have been working hard for the last three years, are being trapped by extension of the contract.

During the contract of three years, we were forced to teach in schools for the first 16 months without pay.

We have been getting fixed salary for the last three years. Every kind of allowances and professional rights has been deprived to us.

The situation is very disheartening. We are already facing a lot of financial problems.

Now our contract is going to end and we are waiting to get the reward i.e. regularization.But our Education Minister has told a new story: that the contract will be extended after appearing in the test again.

Perhaps he does not know that we have already passed the NTS test.

Why is this policy created only for us?

Why was this policy not applicable for earlier government employees?

Why are the NTS passed teachers only being targeted?

We are working hard. We are working on the foundations of students, helping them improve their educational skills.

We have the passion to correct the education system in Sindh. For this we are struggling very hard. Education officials are also witness to this.

We do not accept this cruelty. This is a very terribly joke with NTS passed teachers, and we will not accept this statement in any case.

Our legitimate demand is to give us our right after the end of the agreement: let us be permanent.

Our demand is that government should clearly announce that we are permanent employees of the government of Sindh. We will be very thankful to the education minister for this act of kindness.

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  1. Lo says

    Nice and helpful blog for youth because most of the youth lack behind Technical Skills Needed to be reading this blog Youth will get inspiration and motivation about education.

  2. Rao Ibtisam Farrukh says

    In my opinion govt has no vision about the reform of education. Everyone knows that NTS Pass Teachers become the pillar of Sindh Education Without Nts pass teachers they can not do anything so why they are not giving us our rights.

  3. Binish Hameed says

    We are eligible for the post and majority of us are highly qualified, we are struggling hard to improve the educational picture of public sector schools, we are also humans we have some needs government should pay attention towards them we have already suffered a lot, we were not paid for 18 months(which is not received yet) our family had to strive for that our social and financial positions were ruined by this brutal system, we remain calm and didn’t created and violence, now this is the time to give us our rights by regulizing us, higher authorities should take a notice and give an order to regulize us on emergency basis. Nations flourish by there education system and teachers are the soul to ripe a nation this is the time to give the nts teachers there rights.

  4. Sohail says

    Yes we agree with u that our demand is just regularisation & nothing more.

  5. Saima tabassum says

    I would request the education minister and CM Sindh to take prompt action to resolve this issue. We don’t want any clash with the govt but justice. We are asking for our right .

  6. Raza hussain says

    Injustice with teacher is not acceptable.

  7. Mr.khan says

    This cruelty is just for their own monetry cause. Surely they want interest (sood) . They have taken already by starting our salary after 16 mnhts period. Obvioulsy this is also for sindh uni candidates to whome they have to adjust n they want a grand protest so they adjust them with us forcefuly hidding corruption of peer mazhar this way

  8. Rabiya says

    Authorities should take immediate action on the regularization of NTS teachers.

  9. Saima Rashid says

    I totally agreed

  10. Rabiya says

    Salary stoppage is a very cruel act..
    How can authorities stop the bread and butter of people.

  11. Uzma says

    We r nts teachers and want regularization of our job .kindly see this issue of teachers .it’s our right .

  12. Madiha says

    This is a cruel injustice to NTS passed teachers Sindh. Sindh government is the most faliure government in present provincial government. This is so called educational emergency.

  13. Sabiha zaidi says

    I request the education minister and CM Sindh to take prompt action to resolve this issue. We don’t want any clash with the govt but justice. We are asking for our right. WE WANT REGULARISE NOT EXTEND OF CONTRACT OR RE TEST…
    please don’t do this injustice with meritorious , qualified ,trainned and devoted teachers…….

  14. Ramsha says

    Its highly shameful… I was not expecting that from our sindh government, I was very sure that they will never again dissapoint us as they knew what are we doing and how sincerely we are performing our duties. They know how late we got our salaries and now again they just started to stop it, if they really care then definitely they will issue a letter of confirmation for us without any delay. They must show their better part otherwise they will never flourish the education level in sindh.

  15. Ahmed says


  16. Nazish says

    This is a very non serious attitude of govt. towards education. If teachers are eligible and become a source of difference then why do they pass these kind of comments!!!

  17. Fahimullah Shah says

    We are working hard to bring improvement in education and teach with new technique through which we can flourish the child mind with innovative ideas for continuing this progress regularisation of NTS teacher essential..

  18. Ammara says

    Should take immediate step for regularization

  19. Naila says

    We worked very hard for three years with and with out being paid and continously doing that and in return what Government giving us?
    This torture and Injustice will not be accepted.

  20. Muhammed mohsin says

    What happening with us is totally in justified. We are performing our duties effeciently and with complete honesty. Higher authorities are kindly requested to take a note on this and take necessary actions.

  21. Zulqarnain says

    It is very annoying situation for the teachers who are trying to change the whole culture. If teachers suffer ultimately whole system will suffer also. Peoples government claims to be Democratic and people’s friendly. Here they can prove their claim easily.

  22. Mahwish Rani says

    There should be justice..if you are announcing re-test for NTS teachers…so first conduct test for all senior government teachers & after that if still you are interested so once again you can conduct the re-test for all government teachers including us….

  23. Tahir says

    Extremely shameful act by government,,,,, it clearly shows that they are not serious for education

  24. Abdul Qadir says

    One can only wonder by the statement of the Education Minister. They issue the new recrument policy on one hand which means the system is in need of more and more teachers and on the other hand they are not ready to regularize those teachers whom they admired on multiple occasions.
    What the minister and secratory education think about the test which these teachers had passed for their appointments. If they were in doubt about that test then why they were silent till now and if not so for what qualification they want to test now?
    NTS test passed teachers can openly challeng anyone to visit their students and ask about their efforts that NTS teachers have put.

  25. Rafia says

    Yes we should be regularised without any delay..authorities should take the right step now

  26. Tooba Waqar says

    Agreed. This is not fair.

  27. SAIMA john says

    We want justis

  28. khawar says


  29. Babar says

    We do not accept this cruel decision . This is a very terrible joke with NTS passed teachers. we want only regularisation and nothing more.

  30. rifat latif says

    Your Comment
    all nts teachers are very able and compitente plz pay attention on our problems and take immediate action to regulare us before the salarier stop plz do us regular thats our right

  31. shazia says

    I totally agreed

  32. Mahwish Rani says

    I condemn injustice…

  33. Nida Iqbal says

    Injustice with NTS teachers (Sindh) will not be tolerated in any way ….High Officials of Sindh Govt should take an immediate action in this regard and give us a confirmation order as soon as possible.

  34. Najamussaher says

    It’s highly appreciated that after a long time govt constructed future building pillars on merit base with test and differnt kinds of verifications but aftr all these they raised question on there own system with this crule statemnts which is really injustice . authorities should take immediate action on the regularization of all NTS teachers and dont stop the salary of innocent and truly hardworked teachers.

  35. Saima Qadri says

    Nts teachers ne education dept m numayan kam kia he . tamam schl jahan nts teachrs gae un logon ne bi accept ki he .. Ab govt ko chahey hame jald az jald regular kr de.

  36. Madiha Ghori says

    It is very sensitive issue as by stopping salaries they are creating a gap in the economic system of the country. Stopping salaries is equal to creating unemployment. Athuorities should take it seriously.
    Moreover, if they regularize NTS teachers in the upcoming years they will see the difference on a large scale in the education quality of the students. As the students were eager to learn but they had no competant source to literate them. By giving us the chance to Grow they are giving Pakistan a chance to excel because merit should be the standard not Nepotism.

  37. Zahra siddiqui says

    The attitude of sindh government towards NTS teachers regularization is arising lots of questions about the sincerity of government of sindh regarding importance of education in the view of current government. Where is educational emergency???????????????????? Just by introducing biometric attendance system in the school cannot improve the standard of education but for achieving a great success in the field they should trust on new generation teachers (NTS PASSED TEACHERS). Almost they all are changing agents. They never disappoint the concerns by their sincerity and honesty.
    We want justice and quick action on the regularization process of NTS PASSED TEACHERS.

  38. Sobia says

    Strongly agreed.
    To regularize NTS passed teachers is the only solution to improve education system .

  39. Sobia says

    Strongly agreed. To regularize the
    NTS passed teachers is the only option.

  40. shehla kashif Jst says

    Yes I agree with all of points because we want regularization not extension in my job

  41. Mr faazil says

    Nts pass teachers are eligible and no doubt they deserve permanent slots. They are hope and source of motivation for new generations. Still plenty of teachers are unpaid for this there years period and again if extension is given they will again suffer arrears problems. Our only demand is no more extension and purely regularisation.

  42. S.waqar Hussain says

    We have to united for our regularization processes and we have to do this on urgent bases

  43. Mahwish Rani says

    NTS teachers case is not as difficult as they people are dealing….

  44. Mahwish Rani says

    We are just asking for the equality….nothing else

  45. Miss Farheen says

    We don’t have to tell
    We deserve a fair rearward for what we are
    We had worked in the beginning without pay for about 16 months and now even after completing 3years most of us are still begging for our previous remaining salaries. They say that it is an arrear.
    They all think these teachers are fools
    We are not asking for Teaching allowance
    Annual Increments…
    (Which are not given to us since we had joined this respectable job)
    This is the money against which we had already worked….
    Our efforts and teaching techniques speak as the current result of *Primary* … *Elementary*…. and *Secondary*
    Is far better than result of past 3 years and still *IMPROVING*
    We have done our work in these 3 years and we don’t want to be ” *APNE MOU MEYAN MITHO*
    Now we are waiting for Higher Officials Decision

  46. Teacher says


  47. Ghulam Farooq Baloch says

    This is painful and Sindh Government must take immediate step to stop Honorable teachers to come in the streets for their rights. this problem must be solved so that teachers should focus on their teaching only.

  48. Farooq dadeni says

    Where is Sindh Government ?
    where is educational emergency?

  49. Haseen says

    When I started teaching at the govt school, it was like leaving my comfort zone, working in an environment where there are no basic facilities no teaching resources. Not to forget the the salary which was not even the half of my previous salary. The only thing which motivated me was my vision to bring about positive change in the teaching learning environment and in the lives of the children. All of us NTS passed teachers worked hard to achieve our goal.Our efforts have been clearly observed and acknowledged.
    The govt had been claiming to be serious in improving quality of education. But seeing the delay in our confirmation is telling the opposite s

  50. Shazia Ismat says

    Regularization is our right! We are struggling for the last 3 years and appointed on merit based result.

  51. Tasneem Fatima says


  52. Tabassum Raza says

    That is the main reason behind…….the province sindh is going very back in every department specially Education..our education system is weak and failed due to the foolish policies of education ministry. Sindh assembly must has some amendments for the betterment of education….in Short,They Must regularise all delgent and hard working teachers who are being hired on purely merit.
    Don’t kill merit…
    Save Pakistan.
    Pakistan zindabad.
    Merit zindabad.

  53. Tabassum Raza says

    Save sindh.
    Save Pakistan

  54. Faiq Hussain siddiqui says

    If these big ministers and politicians made corruption and involve in big scandals and take money from country’s account so why can’t these nts passed teachers earn just a little halal amount as continuing their job..

  55. Sikandara says

    A highly noticeable issue…nts teachers should be permanent…they are doing alot of work since their appointment…..even they worked without payment….regularaize them .

  56. Aisha latif says

    We improved education in government schools.
    Regularization is our right

  57. Shabana Khalidg says

    Dont do injustice with us

  58. Shabana Khalid says

    Dont do injustice with us. This is the worst thing ever happening with us. Well not tolerate this situation this time


  59. waqas ahmed says

    I would request the education minister and CM Sindh to take prompt action to resolve this issue. We don’t want any clash with the govt but justice. We are asking for our right .

  60. Rama says

    Teaching is a noble profession and teachers too.. Kindly take a sensible decission and shoe that the authorities are also sensible and noble.

  61. Danyal Nasir says

    I agreed they should regularize us no option except this.No doubt NTS teachers very Hard working and eligible teachers.

  62. SAIRA Bano says

    This is indeed disappointing as we worked hard during this tenure and now when time comes we have been asking to reaper in test which is not acceptable in any case. Regularization is our right and we will not step back from our demand

  63. Muniba says

    We want justice …. Dont stop our salries .

  64. Shahid Bukhari says

    Government should take very special care of these young, energetic, qualified and very talented teachers by regularizing them and giving them all benefits so that the stander of education specifically in the Provence of Sindh could be up day by day. This new blood (NTS Passed teachers) are doing brillent in the department.

  65. Hina azeem says

    Nts pass teachers are eligible and no doubt they deserve permanent slots.we all want Justice for our future as well our students future

  66. nazneen says

    Strongly agreed.
    Reglarization of nts passed teachers is the need of sindh education.

  67. Shahid Bukhari says

    Government should take special care of these young, qualified, energetic and telented teachers. Regularization is their right because they did exceptionally well during the last three years in improving the the standard of education in the Provence. This new blood (NTS Passed Teachers) are very important and nessasory for education department. I think Government should give them all the benefits so that they can build the Nation pillers deep.

  68. Aysha says

    We want regularization, without any delay

  69. Ayesha says

    Alhamdulelah We r hard worker,we are energetic and we are able people and we can make bright future for pakistan and have proof for ds soo we deserve this regulirization.

  70. Humaira says

    Agreed. We want justice

  71. Muhammad Arslan says

    Don’t u think ? Ur evry thought about NTS teachers to not to regularization is useless as the “ueue” in ‘queue’ please be broad otherwise we tell u how much power a truthness hv

  72. Ayaz khan says

    Sindh governament should look into the matter as it is concerned about the future of young generation and education reforms

  73. Mis bushra says

    They,means politicians,want to continuing corruption on huge level that’s why they are creating hurdles.

  74. Sadia says

    No way

  75. Miss bushra says

    Politicians n ministers just want a big funding from world bank again as WB funded 4 nts.n want to collect a lot of interest on the payment of they do in the past with us.

  76. Mehtab Khan says

    CM should regularize NTS passed teachers, because these teachers are very struggling in government schools to increase the literacy rate in our beloved province Sindh. They want justice.
    CM should take interest to resolve this matter and save the Education.

  77. Mehtab Khan says

    CM should regularize NTS passed teachers, because these teachers are struggling very hard in government schools to increase the literacy rate in our beloved province Sindh. They want justice.
    CM should take interest to resolve this matter and save the Education.

  78. Mariam says

    Every teacher his or her .. should have a right for every eligable thing ..

  79. AFSHAN says

    Government should stand by their words which they said earlier. This type of statements will only decline teachers morale. Its teachers right to be permanent now why teachers have to face all this just because of poor governmental policies.

  80. Khurram says

    Do not kill merit like this ….this country already have suffered a lot ….

  81. Khurram says

    this is like to killing merit ….this country already have suffered a lot ….

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