RIP, the writ of state in Pakistan

If anything, what I learned while living abroad is writ of state, its implementation and its authority. From road discipline to swift justice, no one can just think of deliberately challenging it.

While in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the writ of state, is a common citizen whose ride is overtaken from the wrong side by a heavily guarded vehicle of some influential man and citizen just finds himself helpless and embarrassed.

More people being killed in Pakistan in roadside accidents, for not following the traffic rules, than terrorism, is the bloody farce of writ exercised by the state.

Those people, standing in queues early morning at Islamabad Diplomatic Shuttle Service point, to get thoroughly examined and searched to be allowed to enter the diplomatic enclave, in their own country, the doubtful and presumed perennial security risk are the writ of state.

That writ of state happens to be jailed in some overseas prison without Pakistan’s Foreign Office’s assistance. It is killed in Turbat by human traffickers, drowns in the red sea and is discovered chained in some swampy basements in Turkey, in a bid to flee to EU illegally.

My country’s writ of state often appears in the form of Surrey Palace and 17 Avenfield House, 118 Park Lane, worth millions of dollars. At least 200 Billion USD of writ of state is stashed in Swiss banks by my fellow Pakistanis. Sometimes it is leaked in the form of Panama and Paradise papers.

It is the writ of state that fails to collect direct taxes from big fish, and taunts the working class as being non-filer at every forum, who always pay taxes on everything from food till shelter, from water till gas and mobile balance, from needle till car and travel on highways, at the rate of EU, and in return get no civic facilities, no proper medical care, no quality education and no security and safety.

Then it takes the form of old couple being beaten brutally by police in Multan for protesting against illegal occupation by the feudal lord of the area.

The poor farmer of Okara who, one fine morning, is shocked, stunned and left speechless to see tanks on his agriculture land – is the writ of state. It is also that farmer who just cannot get the return of his sugarcane sold to sugar mill despite repeated requests and pleas to the mill management.

The Hazaras being shot dead at point blank range and staging the sit-in on road in freezing temperature, with coffins of their loved ones – are writ of state.

That father whose daughter has been forcibly converted in Thar district, going door to door, wandering in the corridors of courts and beseeching the people of faith – is the ugly face of writ of state.

Writ of state is the last desperate scream for help from passersby, in anguish and fear mixed with anger and sorrow that Shama Bibi and Sajjad Maseeh, being burnt alive in the kiln, would have.

Innocent citizens being killed in Mir Ali and Moon Market, Quetta’s judicial complex or in GHQ are the sad and helpless face of writ of state.

It appears to be ailing steel mills of Pakistan and wailing Pakistan International Airline. Sometimes the state writ is found in the form of that PIA aircraft which has been flown illegally to other country, now stranded at some German airport.

Writ of state is 91% shares to our all-weather friend, China, and 9% to Pakistan from the profit of Gwadar port, for the next 40% years.

The list goes on but what happened on the fateful day of 27 November was like last nail in the coffin of Statehood, State Institutions, State Jurisprudence and State Executive and that of hope that State of Pakistan will establish, like a progressive and liberal and modern states.

“Veni, vidi, vici”, I came; I saw; I conquered” is a Latin phrase attributed to Julius Caesar who defeated Pharnaces II of Pontus at the Battle of Zela. The phrase is used to refer to a swift, conclusive victory.

On November 27, this phrase was striking my mind when the news of an accord between Government of Pakistan and Khadim Hussain Rizvi broke on news channels. The deal was sealed and left a lot of questions as to how come an accused in Schedule IV, led a mob all the way from Lahore till Islamabad seamlessly, without any hindrance and reached Islamabad, demonstrated a sit-in at Faizabad for 22 days and then coerced the state into sullen acquiescence or open hearted agreement to all of his demands?

Sit-in was called off. The burned-by-mob state vehicles were towed away, CDA janitorial service was activated to clean up the area, DG Rangers opened the mouth of public exchequer and doled away one thousand rupees to each of the sit-in participants as a good gesture, after they burnt and destroyed the public property.

Maulana Kahdim Rizvi was perceived as a hero as he had literally come and seen and conquered the state. The Parliament was conquered as the agreement was not presented in the house for debate. The Judiciary was conquered as state agreed in Article 1 of the agreement that there is a parallel system of jurisprudence in the country that can issue verdicts against anyone in the form of fatwa. The executive was conquered because the mob had more sophisticated tactics and arms that forced the police to retreat. The media was conquered, first by doing a marathon transmission on this sit-in and then governments illegal action to muzzle mainstream and social media.

I don’t care if there were sponsors of this sit-in. I have no issues if the sit-in was to gain some political mileage. I also don’t mind if the demands of Maulana Khadim Rizvi were genuine. I am, absolutely okay with the way religious coterie put forth their demands,but I do protest in front of the government for undermining the State of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and sacrilege of the sanctity of the constitution. Country is there, being run in tribal way but the sad demise of state has happened already.

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  1. akmal says

    very good write and a very sad state of affairs in pakistan where the writ of the strong and powerfull is the only writ & where a chor is going around after robbing pak & pak pple saying why am i not pm anymore(yet is still controlling everything) & has no sharam that he robbed the very country that gave him his ID & besharam are those who follow him knowing that he has robbed pak & its pple & his kids sit pretty in UK .. WRIT WHAT WRIT??.ARE PPLE OF PAK SO BLIND & FOOLISH THAT THEY THINK THAT THEY CAN BURN THEIR STREET DOWN & THEIR HOME WILL BE SAFE ?

  2. Maria says

    Sad but true

  3. fateh alam says

    Irelevant Religious sponsored dharna against the Passing of a sencitive subject DEar to all lovers of Islam was a latest failure on the party of GOVT and so called champions of DEmocrcy,THE target was PMLN reality on Ground was the other way,Infact BILL was passed unaimously by ALL POLITICAL parties in THE NA,so the culprits are COWARDS who did not have courage to admit their respsective approval vote,INcluding Cannels favourite,PPP opposition leader ,IMran ,who reasons unknown forst time remaine quiet(sinister move)so THE fake front line SH RASHEED proved to be a coward rAT,i appeal to MEDIA men refrain from daily waisting TIME of pakistanis regarding these dual faces of Democracy.plz spent time on positive agenda reporting to convey to world about PAKISTAN as mature positive PAKISTAN,zindabad Pakistan/ARMY

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