The very definition of faith is belief in the unseen

I whispered to my friend sitting in the room, it’s raining. He said it can’t be, weather prediction says scarce chances of rain. I insisted and so did he, eventually it was decided we’ll go and see.We went outside, he saw and believed me – but only after seeing.He didn’t have faith in me.

Abu Bakr was asked can anyone travel from Hijaz to Masjid al-Aqsa and roam the seven skies and return home within a night?That ignorant infidel said your Prophet proclaims this happening. Abu Bakr needed no confirmation and said: “if my Prophet has said it, it can happen and has happened, verily I testify it.” The infidel was taken aback by the faith.

Nooh was making a large boat on commands of Allah and the infidels mocked him.There’s no sign of any flood why are you doing it?It’s craziness, but Nooh persisted because he had faith that if Allah says flood will arise, even though signs don’t suggest so, it will.

Ibrahim plunged into the fire because he had faith that it will not harm him if Allah intends and even the grass can become fire if Allah intends it to be.Like Allah saysbeand it is.

Musa made way through the river and walked the river length with the believers, because he had faith that Allah will empower the Holy Asa and then he struck it to make way.

Faith is when you have no clues, predictions or authentication, but still you believe in it.Such is Islam. We believe that the Durood-o-Salam we recite reaches Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and is responded to, but we can’t hear the response, nor see it reaching – yet we believe.

ALLAH says, “You remember me, I’ll remember you”. We remember Allah and chant His name with respect and love, but hear not Allah doing so – yet we believe it happens.

We believe in the unseen Allah and accept the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) without seeing him.

We believe in the stories related to in the Quran of pre-historic times, yet we have no resource to cross check.

We believe that Dooms Day will be and it will be how Quran says. But we’ve no way to know how to scientifically ascertain any of it – yet we believe.

Moreover, we die and believe there’s an afterlife.None of the living can claim with substantive evidence – yet we believe.

It’s not that the beliefs I aim to falsify, the point I wish to make is, we believe in the truthfulness of the one Allah and whatever He says and we can’t comprehend and interpret all the existent intricacies of the universe.

Our faith is in the unseen and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) prayed for us, acknowledged us and said, “there will be people after you, who’ll believe in me (and love me) without seeing me, I’m praying for them.”

The reward for faith in unseen is Dua-e-Mustafaand the reason of our being is Wajood-e-Mustafa. May we be blessed with Sunnat-e-Mustafaand Ziyarat-e-Mustafa (SAW)

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