Hopeistan: Pakistan is a nation of 207.7 million hopes

According to interim estimate result of population census 2017, Pakistan has become the fifth most populous country in the world, with 207.7 million people approximately. Mostly the population compromises of young people and 15-24 years and 24-54 years age group are represented by 21.31% and 36.87% of the population respectively.

Pakistan is a nation of 207.7 million people and the people of this nation, despite their differences, have the same hope which they share.The hope is to move forward, to have a better life, to overcome all obstacles and grow and prosper and to have peace and stability.

This is the hope which is present in every nook and cranny of this country. This is the hope that is uniting people of Pakistan despite their racial, religious, social and political differences. This is the collective hope of a nation which is transforming it from a crowd with no objective to a group bonded together to achieve a single goal. This is the binding force of the nation of Pakistan.

This nation and its people have faced very tough times and are still going through a phase of reformation in which they have to face further difficulties and hardships.But still, they are ready to tackle anything and are hoping for a better tomorrow.

A promising tomorrow which will bring peace, stability, growth, development and prosperity for the people of this nation and they are ready to sacrifice further, as they have sacrificed before to achieve this raison d’être.

The world may consider Pakistan a failed or terrorist state but they should and must know that this is not a nation of hopeless bunch of people. It is the nation of 207.7 million hopes and no power on earth can defeat hopes of the people.

If the world will not support this nation in its struggle, then they will fight on their own and their hope will guide them.But in the end, they will rise as champions and the world will regret later on what they failed to acknowledge.

Throughout the history, it is prominent that each nation faces their downward and upward moments. The Pakistani nation has also seen a period of downfall and bore it patiently and now, its people are ready to take their flight upward.

Hard times make strong people and strong people make good times. The hard time through which this nation has passed, and is still passing, through have made its people strong and they are now, ready to turn the table of their fate and convert hard time into good time.

All this is happening due to the hope of living a better life. So, Pakistan whose meaning is ‘Land of Pure’ can now be considered as ‘Hope-istan’ (Land of Hope).

The time has gone when the world dictated Pakistan and now, the world should start cooperating with Pakistan as a partner and respectable member of world nations on equal footing.

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