Philosophy of a Muslim

The advent of Islam was not just a rising of Divine Command of Prayers and Fasting.It meant Renaissance and Revolution in life of every human and being that existed and exists. Allah designed human and so did the creator guide the creations in dealing with each other and Allah as well.

Allah said, “I created man from non-existence”. We didn’t exist but Allah the Exalted existed and thus He the supreme is alone the best Guide to our betterment.

Allah said “I taught man by pen (what he knew not)”. This illustrates knowledge and intelligence is from Allah a divine blessing, and fortunate are those blessed with intellect – those who ponder upon the universe, as hinted in Quran.

Then Allah also says, “Man has been given knowledge but little”.This again makes it clear that beyond human knowledge and intelligence are many things and processes of the universe.

But the Perfect of all guides has blessed Muslims with Islam by virtue of which mental faculty is capacitated to interpret the intricacies of universe.

Allah has taught man to behave and interact with each other in a particular way. Man ought to accept the distribution of wealth, fame and influence by Allah, because we are gifted existence, which we deserved not – we rest no right to anything even our breath is a loan.Hence, Allah teaches us to accept others being more powerful, famous and rich and satisfy ourselves by looking out for the one lesser privileged than us.

Allah has taught us to acknowledge each other and avoid talking ill of each other behind the back.And so has Allah strictly ordered us to tell the truth and not spread lies and conspire secretly. Allah shuns hypocrisy.

Allah asks man to deem the other man more superior in terms of piety and even if someone is sinning and one is performing a virtue, Allah teaches maybe it’s his last sin and your last virtue. Fear Allah.

Allah has asked man to seek forgiveness from another man whose rights he transgressed, and likewise the oppressed to forgive.The mortals are thus taught the immortal traits, which can embody a society and individuals, making them law abiding citizens of a welfare state.

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  1. Mahnoor Safdar says

    Brief & concise article..We really need to think in such a way to find out what is actually Islam.

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