Pakistan has become a cultural slave to foreign powers

This era, in which we all are living right now, is a lot different than the time our ancestors lived in. Earlier, if any nation ever thought of destabilizing an inferior, despite not being as developed in technology and strength as the superpowers of today are, they would attack that country with full human resource and ammunitions.Often, the one with the best field tactics would take up the other and rule them. Another way of dominating your inferior – how top nations ruled the under developed and 3rd world nations – was with the ‘power of money’. Take the subcontinent before Partition as an example. The British ruled here for a long time, but what were they actually doing here? They came for trade and felt the sense of helplessness and poverty here; even in the ruling class of the subcontinent of that time. So they gave them money and limited power and ruled them and the people under them with ease till the people realized the need to be free of this unannounced slavery.

Now, coming back to the era we are living in: it’s a time where you are stronger than ever in arms and ammunition. Defenses are even stronger, technology development is surprising and makes us wonder what’s coming next. Thousand mile distances are now only an app away from you. Despite these strengths, now is not the time for wars and all those old school tactics. This is the era where you just target cultures and whoop, they are your unannounced slaves. Once you become a slave of a foreign culture, you are theirs to rule.

Opinion makers have been raising voices for a while about Pakistanis losing their culture and tradition – and I believe it’s true.I’m not talking just on the basis of what I have heard, but I have seen the demise of nationalism among our youth. We have been victims of inferiority complexes for a while now. Few days ago, I was having a debate about celebrating western festivals in Pakistan and how we do so without even knowing that the particular festival is opposing the cultural and even religious values of ours –this is affecting our youth, causing us to become“unannounced slaves”. A few students studying Mass Communication from a well-known university of Pakistan said “Apne culture ko promote ker ke hum ne kia bigaar lia ha” (What have we achieved by promoting our culture?) Well, my first response to this was in the form of a question where I asked, “On which date do we celebrate Pakistan Day?” Believe me, these students who should know something about everything as proposed in their text books didn’t even know that. Some of the answers were 14th August, 6th September and one person even said “EidMilad-un-Nabi SAWW”. So I think it’s clear what I meant by unannounced slaves.

Our kids don’t know about real life super heroes from our past like Tipu Sultan or Muhammad bin Qasim, but they sure know about Iron Man and how he saved the people many times with his superpowers. If we talk about the entertainment industry, we have a history of producing brilliant and extraordinary shows for kids like Ainak Wala Jin, but parents would prefer showing Doraemon to their kids because they would learn to speak English and hence would be considered superior in their social circle. All of this is done despite knowing how negatively that show is destroying the morals and cultural values of children.

Sadly, if anyone speaks Punjabi in front of their parents or relatives, they would be looked at with such anger as though they have committed a crime. I feel nothing but pity for these slaves. It’s important to learn about other culture and our languages.  Suppressing your own culture for the sake of a fake identity is something we need to stop doing. We should be true to ourselves and learn to realize that this is not who we really are.


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  1. akmal says

    very good write, us who have grown up in uk have more to do with paks culture than the pple living in pak ,infect more British & Europe things are celebrated in pak than even by the british in uk. when u say that Bollywood movies are better & bollywood actors are better & everything that is english is great to celebrate then u are saying we(the pakistanis) have nothing of value ,& that will always make others look down on u . cus if u dont respect urself no one else will respect u

  2. Justice says


  3. Justice says

    Cannot agree more!

  4. habib says

    Yet this guy wrote the blog in a language that belongs to a foreign culture. what an ironic idiot.

    1. marriam says

      couldnt agree more…

  5. Usama Virk says

    Thankyou for your positive feedback Sir. Really appreciate it.

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