Why PPP will win in Punjab and Sindh next year


Pakistan People’s Party has once again claimed the long lost charm. It took time to regain it but who cares once grabbed.

Decimated and in the hiding since their last tenure, now they are back. In those heydays, when they were on the throne in the federal government and in Sindh particularly, they wrote for themselves a history, to be read in days to come, which increased their notoriety and slackened the vote bank. Their downfall wasn’t a result of any third force but their own corruption and not being able to connect the dots which would eventually lead to the people. Two deposed prime ministers, corruption charges on all key members including the then President Asif Ali Zardari – what else trouble needs to set in?

After the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, the vote bank surged. In Sindh, it was already them but in Punjab they grabbed the sympathy vote. The sympathy remained till the reason remained, the assassination became an event of past and the corruption of today.So, once again the popularity dropped and in elections of 2013 the party was limited to Sindh alone.

Next general elections are almost here, every party is busy concocting the plans to secure maximum seats. PPP has already initiated their campaign without any further ado.

It still appears to be a dubious assumption that they’ll be successful in Punjab and will also be able to secure a handsome number in the capital Islamabad. However, a few points attempt to dispel the aforementioned doubt.

First, Asif Zardari has been absolved from all the cases – the legit and political both. This has influenced the angry PPP voter; now he can defend his party again and this time more convincingly. Zardari’sacquittal means for now he has no threat in living in Pakistan and can move freely without giving any thought to some random arrest warrant issued against him. He is, in fact, milking all the advantage from this decision already. From meeting disheartened party workers to pulling a massive crowd in his rallies, he is playing it not on chance but with a strategy. In recent few rallies organized by the party, the numbers of attendants cut the digit at which they used to be in the peak years of PPP.

Secondly, and most importantly, the fall of Nawaz Sharif is going to be the pivotal point of PPP’s success in next general elections. The timing of ouster suits the rivals, it couldn’t be better. The time of preparation and campaign is being consumed by hearings, the energies are being consumed on matters other than the elections. The family feud is at its worst. Both families apparently are behaving normally, but the conflict in opinion exists. One camp is totally opposed to the views of the other. Unfortunately, this has now started making the opportunists in the party panic. Many claims are surfacing every day that scores of members are almost ready to take the flight and land in some other party which can guarantee them a victory. If the matters linger on and the PML-N debacle didn’t get a remedy, chances are that in accordance with the policy of survival, many will leave and may join PTI or PPP.

The vote in Punjab, which otherwise would have gone to PML-N, now will be divided to a catastrophic point. The main contenders to vie for this divided vote remains PPP and PTI – the one who plays smart will get the bigger chunk.

In Punjab, the competition is going to be tough. PPP may gain the upper hand against PML-N but they still have to fight PTI.

Talking about Sindh, the results would be no different than the previous two elections; PPP will win once again and claim the Chief Minister office. They don’t even have to spend too much time on campaign in Sindh, many districts are where they’ll get the seat no matter who gets the ticket.

PTI tried its luck in the two most important cities of Sindh, Karachi and Hyderabad, but couldn’t get the least of their expectations. MQM is also divided; they aren’t in a position to win more than a seat or two. Those seats, if tried, can be taken by PPP candidates.

The two most important provinces, Punjab and Sindh at this time are in a mood to try PPP once again. The PML-N voter who won’t vote for his party in this election due to the prevailing crises also won’t vote PTI, then, in this case, he could go for the only option he is left with: PPP.

Tidings have it that PPP is faring well. They have very bright chances of securing great success in elections. The question of having their premiere this time can’t be answered so early. They may have to make a coalition with a few other parties who easily get a ten or twenty seats every time.

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  1. Ahmed Mujtaba says

    Hi Naeem, had you been a little biased towards PTI (apparently you are towards PPP), you would have made them win the next elections. Anyways, good attempt to contemplate a loser party winning the next elections in their wildest dreams.

  2. Eden Garden says

    Hello Naeem. I don’t know what imagined world you are living in. Did you see how poorly PPP performed in NA-120 in Punjab. PPP is struggling to get even 10% of the vote in an election. Punjabi will be won by PTI. You need to look at the huge Jalsa of PTI in every province. PPP died a long time ago.

  3. waqas.syed says

    hahahahahahahahah, is this a joke. PPP cant even get 10 percent vote in punjab . they have beeen decimated . Pti is the only contendor . they lose from pmln by 5 percent in some contuencies right now. you are living in dreams

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