HEC is destroying the future of 74,000 Al-Khair University graduates

Al-Khair University is recognized by HEC Pakistan. The battle of money between the university and HEC chairman has destroyed the careers of 74,000 graduates. There is a double standard which is creating a threat for these people. Director General of NAB Punjab Saleem Shehzad holds the degree of the same university.

HEC was attesting the degrees of all the degree holders of Al-Khair University until April last year. In April 2016, HEC halted the operation of attesting degrees with the name of data collection from university. The university provided all the data of graduates in December 2016.

Despite getting the date in 2016, there is no move for the attestation of degrees with 2018 approaching.

In 2014, HEC had issued an appreciation letter to the university and encouraged students to get admission in Al-Khair University and affiliated colleges.

A graduate of Al-Khair University who recently passed HEC Aptitude Test(HAT) for overseas PhD Scholarships told the media that he has lost two(2) international PhD scholarships in the past year due to the attestation problem. He has sent emails and calls to HEC officials to explain the situation and found rejection from everywhere. He called HEC as the destructor of his career. He asked if HEC is in doubt about his abilities, how did he pass HEC’s test for PhD scholarships?

HEC is also not attesting the copies of those degrees which they had already attested. Due to the attestation issue, all the fresh and young graduates are unable to find any job. These jobless people are becoming a burden on the economy.

A graduate of an affected institute working in Dubai on a higher posting told me, “in all types of recruitments, graduates of Al-Khair graduates are being denied now due to attestation issue. People who were recruited in the past 20 years in Pakistan or any foreign country are facing threats of losing jobs. Salaries of all the Al-Khair University degree holding employees have been stopped. There is no immigration possible with attestation from HEC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

Graduates presented their already attested degree from HEC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to media which has been denied from HEC now for re-attestation.

Graduates from Peshawar told me, “there were several protested called by students at the front of the HEC office in Islamabad and HEC promised to solve the matter within 15 days. Now six months have passed and the HEC has made no progress. HEC Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed and Executive Director Dr. Prof. Arshad Ali violated their promises with graduates and university to settle down the issues.”

A Group of Al-Khair University graduates working in Dubai, with their jobs at risk, have appealed to the media to bring the matter to the attention of Pakistan’s higher authorities. This ignorance and complete blindness from HEC higher management will gift another 74,000 terrorists to Pakistan’s poor economy which is already facing a burden of 70% unemployed youth.


Muhammad Zahid Iqbal is Computer Scientist and ICT Research Scholar. He has done his postgraduation from Information Technology University, Lahore. He is a member of Rotary International and International Design Innovation Network


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  1. Rashid Kamal says

    A very strange & rude behavior of HEC, 74,000 students life is getting murdered with no valid reason has been provided by HEC since January 2016. (ALARMING!)

    Requesting high authorities to intervene this burning issues, students on daily basis following up university & HEC but no result is coming up. HEC is taking these matters very lightly, torchering & forcing us towards SUICIDE. If HEC has already banned University, stopped Degree issuance and finally attestation, what is the fault of students who qualified before 2009 and whose degree is validated & verified by HEC already.

    Please don’t play with our career, we dont have issue if university is banned but for God sake, start attestation & orders President Azad Kashmir to issue degree.

    This is an apeal to President Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, Primeminister, Cheif Justice Supreme Court & all concerned authorities to please look into this matter very seriously and get them resolved on high priority.

    Students Al- Khair University,

  2. Zafar says

    HEC is the culprit, Media should go to HEC to investigate these ongoing issues, Salute to dunyanews who punlished this factual story.

    I appeal to dunyanews to go and check what HEC is doing with us.


  3. Dr. Munawar Malik says

    Justice delayed is justice denied. What else to talk of anything else when the students are being denied of their hard earned degrees. I am a PhD graduate from the same university and proud to be one. I feel betrayed to see the attitude of HEC. Way back in 2010 appreciation letter were given to then same university which encouraged many like me to join in. It took my hard toiled six years to get to the other end where I had to hit the wall.
    President, prime minister, judiciary, army all are being requested to play there role in this. If anyone finds the Univetsity to be non complacent with HEC quality than burn it to shatters however you can’t deny us of our rights while you were all dozing away.
    Why is it mandatory to block the roads and shout slogans to get things sorted?
    Judiciary must not get too booked for corruption cases, else we the Students of Alkhair will grab you all on the day of judgement.
    I seek a formal investigation in this case.
    Dr. Munawar Malik
    Asst Professor, Punjab University

  4. Saleem says

    Percentage of youth constitute 63% of total citizenry of Pakistan making it among the countries with highest number of youths .This indicates the potential the youth possess in playing a vital role and make an impression in Pakistan and across the world economy.

    As we all well aware of the economic condition of our country is decreasing day by day since 2008.In this situation more responsibility comes on government officials to generate maximum jobs and impart required professional skills to bring prosperity of young Pakistanis or at least provide environment & opportunity so they can succeed in their carrier and life.

    But It seems situation is going exact reverse and some Government officials are playing with the life and carrier of youth.

    HOW !!! wait I will explain

    AL-KHAIR is one of the top leading university of KPK which is responsible for imparting standard education to Pakistani peoples and many students of this university are working on the top most position of reputable departments.

    (Chairmen NAB (National Accountability Bureau) Dr. _______ is the recent examples in one of them and there are many more.)

    But since the attestation issue has been raised between HEC (Higher Education Commision)and University officials; HEC has stopped the attestation of Al khair’s students. It seems that personal issues or war of ego between University and HEC since 2015 is worsening the condition of employed youths in Pakistan and abroad which ultimately is resulting in loosing the job. Some students are left out from interview after successful written exams and some are still working on less then what they deserve and facing financial problems also. Because of this issue some students approach judiciary also and still awaiting for fair justice.

    78 thousand student are in dilemma and all this is adding agony as their career and future is at stake.

    In this condition all students would like to make humble request to All Higher Authorities who can make consensus between University and HEC for the sake of career of young-Pakistanis before the situation reaches to a state where anxieties and frustrations of students reach at boiling point.


    78K Suffering Students.

  5. Abdul Razaq Assistant professor says

    It is very cruel thing that Hec issued a notice that after 2016 who will take admission in Alkhair university those degrees will not be attested but it is unfortunate that hec what said in his notice that after 2016 who will take admission those degrees will not be attested but before 2016 degrees why not be attested? Dr mukhatar sab keep in mind that we are creature of Almighty Allah.u will not be a chairman of Hec for ever .plz think about it otherwise time will be passed and a time will come u will wish to do but u could never be done keep in mind the authority of x prime minister Nawaz Sharif what is condition of this gentleman in his own government.plz keep in m ind the power of Nawazshrif and where u sir stand it is requested to start attesting the degrees which r before 2016.thanks God help u and us.

  6. MK says

    This is what happens when incompetent , anti-state minded and referenced personals are appointed and placed on top.

    HEC is working for the Universities who’s management is keeping the HEC management happy.

  7. Mushtaq Hussain says

    World is facilitating more and more to its youth by making education easier and access to degrees less complicated. Pakistan’ s educational institution at high level are the only Wonders of the world which makes education more puzzling and expensive…
    HEC is the White Elephant institution which was itself famous for fake attestation not less than two decades ago. It was the international pressure which made it an institution.
    Today in the modern era if anyone of you go for the attestation of degrees, you will see the reflex of its authorities capability and efficiency. When a person has to reach 4: 00 in the morning to get a token and wait for the offices of Nawabs to open at 8: 00 in the morning.
    Up till today HEC couldnt devise how to facilitate persons coming for attestation of Degrees. The chairman of HEC, the birth of Nepotism, who is supposed to be peon in some institutions is enjoying his life there with no ideas and policies.
    Our country will never progress unless we bring people on merit and with ambitions. And there after no Al Khair like institution will suffer.
    Thanks and regards

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