‘Getting sick’ appears to be the most convenient excuse to avoid court proceedings in Pakistan

The relationship between politics and illness is very strapping in Pakistan. We have seen in the times of yore and observing it at present. Whenever politicians are to face courts to become accountable for the activities they did in their reign, they either get sick or get out of the country in no time. Currently, the Sharif family including Ishaq Dar is residing in London to have apposite treatment.

In the past, Asif Ali Zardari and Sharjeel Memon were among those fled abroad to have treatment and this too happened at the time when they were facing courts on corruption charges. Dr. Asim fell ill when he was in custody. At present, there is no major case’s proceeding going on against AAZ, so no worries for him. The truth is that they are ill when it is the time for accountability.

It really seems that there is some of sort of resemblance between the politicians and superheroes that we used to get inspired in our childhood – even now. Without power, superhero was unused, slack, and in fact under the weather. He was either on the divan of hospital or beaten by the enemies.

The trend of getting sick is embedded in our political culture. It is so deepened that no one can make them hale and hearty – not even warrant from any Pakistani court.

The politicians are public representatives; they are given power to be held accountable. They should be ready to face consequences for their good or bad comings and goings. Adding fuel to the flame, the ministers and other VIP dignitaries go to London for having medical check-up. They ruled Pakistan for decades, but could not build any hospital that could cure their diseases.

Last but not least, it is hoped that the powerful elite will get well soon and remain in Pakistan to face the courts if they have not done anything off beam. Their fleeing from country raises doubts among the nation. People are attentive now; they have sense to appraise things that might not be the case in the past.

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  1. AKN says

    Junaid as always you nailed it. Pakistan’s politicians are the other name of sickness and illness especially when it comes to accountability.
    Best regards

  2. AKMAL says

    THESE PPLE ARE SICK even when they not pretending to ill , cus u have to be sick to robb ur Owen pple & country which what they do again & again .these lot would steal from a beggar and are doing so cus if look at the pple in pak how sleep with no roof over their head & how many go with out food ..BUT THESE DOGS HAVE NO SHAME ,THEY HAVE DUBAI ILLNESS & LONDON ILLNESS & A LONDON PLAN ,U PPLE PAK CAN HELP URSELF BY NOT VOTING FOR THEM ,BUT WHEN I SEE MORONS RUNNING AROUND CHANTING SLOGANS FOR THEM THEN I THINK MAYBE THEY KEEP GETTING AWAY AGAIN & AGAIN

    1. Qamar says

      You nailed it right. Hope people realize their cunning scheme.

  3. ANWAR AHMED says

    It is amazing that Pakistani doctors accept insult professionaly that they are incapable of treating “politicians , corrupt industrial tycoons and even senior Armed forces officers. –while Pakistan has “State of the art” medical facilities. It is amazing to learn perfectly healthy individuals promptly “getting sickness beyond the professional competence of Pakistani Doctors”. There was one individual who should been flown out abroad in 1948 for lack of suitable medical facilities. Ironically he, in spite of being the Head of the stat ate, was sent to remote Ziarat with no medical facilities

    1. AKN says

      Haha Anwer you said it right. At least Pakistani doctors should hold protest as they are slapped every time our politicians go abroad for treatment.

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