The right to being responsible

We, altogether, deliberately blame our system for the flaws, injustice, corruption, and other ills the society is going through today. We might have failed to recall – there is no entity other than the people – who draw together a society and its system.  None of us is standing by to admit the fact that individuals are the entities of any society and clearly responsible for the situation and position of that society.

The power of the society lies in the hands of its persons. No society can drive ahead to the statures of progress if the individuals of that society don’t realise and emphasise their obligation.

But is it imaginably possible for an individual to bring a change to the society? How can a single person  bring change in the society?

The answer to these questions is: yes, it is presumable and possible!

The struggle can be initiated by undertaking small things just like fulfilling the duties of routine life. Each character of an individual – headed on the way to its society – must be accomplished with keenness and fairness.

But unluckily, it can be observed that we don’t embrace willingness towards bringing about our duties regarding society. We don’t obey the rules. We get frustrated too fast and are lacking the element of persistence.

As populaces, we ought to hold our society with fairness, impartiality and harmony. It is our part of responsibility to follow the laws and regulations – respect the opinions of others – even of opponents – be tolerant – generous towards minorities– refrain from wasting natural resources – not harm public property – pay taxes honestly – help others grow rather than pulling their legs – avoid immoral actions even when nobody is watching.

We should follow all these guidelines but most of us don’t!

Our mindset has become that if we stop on a red light, others might think we are fools, and it will lessen our brashness; hence we don’t obey any of the rules. Relatively, it is our onus to stop over a red light even there is no traffic warden watching.

Most of us use cell phones while driving, walking on the road; it could be disastrous – some of us don’t bother to wear seat belts – which can have severe consequences.

Habitually, we are intolerant and have become so judgmental; we should learn to appreciate. Absence of tolerance can lead to fierceness.

Littering anywhere has become a habit nowadays; we don’t prefer to throw waste in dustbin but garbage can be seen in the corner of the streets, on the roads. We might have forgotten that the country is a person’s homeland – how can someone create mess in his own home?

We always talk about the rights – my rights – your rights – our rights. But why don’t we talk about the responsibilities this state has for us.

If we live up to our duties, the rights of other people will be waged likewise when others live up to their duties, we would acquire our rights. It’s a give and take scenario, we must not emphasis on just taking rather we owe to give too.

How many of us are really contented and can say that we in reality justify all these responsibilities legitimately? May be very few or perhaps none!

I don’t understand why we are so negligent of following basic rules! Apart of knowing that if basics are not strong the whole structure can’t stand firm.

Then how can we blame the system and government for all the mishandlings and failings that have been abolishing the peace of our society.

If we all as individuals stand honest towards our responsibilities, rules, and regulations, then believe me no power can halt us from forming a revolutionised society – no one can ever harm the amity of our society and it will progress and prosper gradually and undeniably. We must wage our onuses and accomplish our obligations to bring the change – the change that promises to come if we try – not immediately but definitely!

Begin, take initiative, be the first – because these are those who form a group and groups form a whole society afterwards. We are not bound by anyone for changing it for us but we can make it by ourselves.

Everyone needs to realise his/her responsibility and start execution from now – start from the root level – from ‘myself’ – to bring revolution so that we can have a contented and just society.

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