Fear can be a positive driving force – only if you know how to channelize it properly

Fear comes from the region of our brain called Amygdala. It is a feeling we all are aware of. According to leading psychologists, there are small set of basic or innate emotions in humans and fear is one of them.

But then why is fear considered an enemy and taken negatively in our societies and cultures? Besides all misconceptions and negativity attached with fear, it has a positive side and important function in this world of ours, without which the world is incomplete.

Have you ever thought why people don’t jump in front of a moving car or don’t play with fire? Obviously, the response will be common sense regarding getting hurt or killed. But is it merely common sense or this has common sense evolved from fear of getting hurt or killed?

Without fear people will do all sorts of acts that will result in getting killed or hurt. It is fear that makes us safe from performing these types of acts and from distancing ourselves from danger around us.

At the societal level, it is again fear that halts or prevents people from doing wrong against the other person or society – and that is fear of being punished by law.

A society without fear of punishment on wrongful doings and crimes, will end up in anarchy and will be ruled by criminals and wrongdoers.

Again when we hear nuclear deterrence theory, it works on same principle of fear. It is the fear of Mutual Assured Destruction.

Mutual Assured Destruction is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which full scale use of nuclear weapon, or getting involved in war by two or more opposing sides, would cause complete annihilation of both attacker and the defender.

That’s why the United States and Soviet Union (now Russia) did not engage in direct large scale fighting against each other during Cold War era, saving world from destruction of another World War like event.That’s also why India did not engaged in full scale war with Pakistan after both acquired nuclear technology – and they will not get involved in any similar venture in the future either under sane leadership in both countries.

Today, we are in the age of consumers who are able to avail varieties of products and services which are getting better – and also affordable– day by day, with the help of technology.

Have we ever considered the phenomena behind this?

It is due to the fear faced by manufacturers and companies of losing business and customers and deteriorating their profitability by not providing consumer oriented better and cheaper products and services.

It is time that we did justice with fear by acknowledging the important part it plays in our lives and world around us.

We are taught to overcome our fears, which is a good thing but sometimes it is better to acknowledge our fears and not to act against it.

If nations which started world wars feared destruction and humiliation, they would have to face themselves in the end, millions of lives would have been saved from death and destruction.

And if the United States and its western allies feared the backlash they would have to bear in starting and getting involved in wars in Middle East then I think there would be no terrorism in world today and shocking events like 9/11 and other lethal terrorist attacks all around the world, including their countries, would not have taken place.

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  1. Shadab Shaikh says

    asad ali khan well said ,sir but refer to Quran in which fear from Allah has been mentioned 1500 years earlier which is very necessary for us to abstain from sins and negative things then it comes to follow the path of Rasoolullah sallallaho alaihi wasalam to make life full of peace.plz mention this in your article in ur way.
    you wrote very well

    1. Asad Ali Khan says

      Yes, Fear of God is primary and necessary. It doesn’t required to be mentioned here. It is and should be ultimate and innate.

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