The menace of ‘ergo decedo’ in Pakistani educational institutes

“If you don’t like it leave’’ is a common response to someone who dare to criticize the place they’re living in, studying in or working at. Instead of accepting that there is a problem or responding to criticism, the argumentum ergo decedo is quite common in Pakistani society and is becoming prevalent in our educational institutions as well.

Recently, a picture has been making waves on social media about a student of PAF-Kiet North Nazimabad Campus who allegedly wrote derogatory comments on Facebook about his university. In response to the criticism, the management of the institute decided to take strict action against the student as he has been placed on final warning and will now work with the admission department for six Fridays after the mid-term week. It’s highly unprofessional and unethical of the institute that they did not even choose to hide the identity of the student and that too simply for speaking his mind on a social media platform.

It’s unfortunate that educational institutions are more concerned about their reputations rather than the wellbeing of their students. Earlier this year, a student of IM-Sciences Peshawar shared material on social media regarding the university café’s unhygienic conditions.

Instead of taking action against the café manage, the administration served several penalties on the student which included rustication from the institution, a fine of 10,000 rupees and presenting a written apology on stamp paper.

Educational institutions should be centers where students can learn in an open environment and be able to express themselves freely, not as money making businesses whose only concern is their repute. Making a mockery of students or punishing them simply for having an opinion not only harms their future but does not help the institute either.

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