Saudi pledge for moderate Islam is a business pitch for investors

The recent statement of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in which he said that he wanted to spread moderate Islam in the kingdom, has been appreciated among the world’s leaders including business magnates eager to explore opportunities in KSA. This statement is quite encouraging if it is where the kingdom is heading. He further said that he would eradicate extremism and the extremist elements.

The term moderate Islam is considered converse to radical Islam, a term attached with the Muslims of radical groups around the world. Regrettably, this segregation in Islam and among Muslims gained hype in the international media after 9/11. KSA is considered to be the leader of the Muslim world. There is a solid reason for this, which is the existence of the sacred places of Muslims. The sanctity of those places should remain intact at any cost.

There is a need to understand when and where he gave his statement. He was attending an event where the businessmen from various parts of the world were present. In the gathering, he inaugurated the mega-city Neom that would be the economic zone transforming the oil-based economy to a digital one.

According to some experts, he actually wanted to get the attention of international investors to invest in the kingdom and help KSA investing in the European countries. The prince is also the driving force behind Saudi Vision 2030 that is tended towards creating more and more job opportunities for the youngsters in the kingdom and lessening its dependency over the oil.

KSA needs to review its strategy towards seeing other countries’ affairs. It is still indulging in a number of conflicts. The conflict in Yemen is one of them where it wants regime change and to have someone more close to it.

On the other side, it is directly involved in the Syrian conflict and wants another regime change, which till this time has proved to be lethal for the inhabitants. Syrians are bearing the brunt of the tussle going on between the two major powers of the world – America and Russia – and the two leading powers of Muslim world – KSA and Iran. According to ‘IamSyrian’, an organization keeping an eye on the loss of lives in Syria, more than 480,000 people have lost their lives in the ongoing conflict.

Leadership of Muslim countries should promote a tolerant and rational image of Islam that is the need of hour. Instead of indulging in sectarian violence, they should try hard to fortify their countries technologically and economically.

The 32-year-old prince’s future agenda for KSA seems to be a lucrative one. The resources should be spent over the unemployed generation. It would not only trim down extremism but also divert the attention of the youngsters towards uplifting their living standards through economic competition.

The sectarian skirmishes around the Muslim world have already gulped down lives of hundreds and thousands of poor people. It is hoped that the prince would not only mend the ways of kingdom with regard to its dealing with extremism, but also walk the talk by promoting his pledge for moderate Islam.

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  1. Ahmed Niazi says

    Nice article. I hope as you that one day Iran and KSA will terminate tussle going on between them.

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