Reform vs Revolution

After the disintegration of Soviet Union, the bourgeois and their petit intellectuals celebrated their mirage victory of illusions. But their chant of slogans against Marxism and Bolshevik Revolution still fill the air after 100 Years. They still pronounce that Marxist economic model had failed; and buried under the ruins of Soviet Union. Free Market economy has triumphed over socialism (but it’s a hallow claim to date). But the intuitive part of class struggle is the existence of a class that has opposing and irreconcilable interests. The inherent contradictions of capitalism never allow itself to flourish forever. Actually Capitalism has lived its life and the decaying crisis all over the world is proof of its impotency and demise.

An established fact: that capitalist’s confidence shredded right after the economic crisis of 2008 in the developed world. It was the worst economic crisis capitalism has witnessed throughout its history, as serious economists still agree that so called recovery in world economy is not at the mark as it was in 2008. An epoch of uncertainty that generated massive unemployment, poverty, misery, and wars throughout globe, had made this planet a place unfit for living. Conflicts are more frequent in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In this context one can term capitalism as ‘war and destruction’. What they proclaimed earlier soon become false verses.

The global economic crisis which was foreseen by Marxists earlier and shook the world in 2008, unlike bourgeois economist, never traumatized the Marxists the way it instilled fear in the hearts of the capitalists. This periodical crisis was a result of inherited contradictions of free market economy and neo-liberal economic policies. The whole world has become prone to wars, poverty, social inequality, terror and racism, with economic crisis of 2008 that strewn the buoyancy of bourgeoisie and it forced them to become ostriches hiding their heads in sand. After the economic crisis of 2008, reforms have become a daydream of the past.

In the general election in Greece, in which SYRIZA came into power, already the polls were clearly indicating that SYRIZA-led alliance will win the elections. Just because of those polls, the financial markets were concerned and Greek bonds dropped sharply. Greek banks were losing deposits as corporations were shifting Euros overseas and situation got even worse after SYRIZA came into power. Alexis Tsipras chose to compromise, and betrayed the working class because in the domain of capitalism reforms means more power to capitalist class. Now in Greece the only option left to serve and save the people is adaption of socialist policies by rejecting austerity. In this age of austerity reformism has nothing to offer to working class and the youth.  The impotency of social democracy can be witnessed worldwide.

Revisionism always focuses to solve problems within the domain of capitalism. Marxists, like my-self, have a clear position over impaling social conditions around the world that no relief can be guaranteed under current socioeconomic system. The practice from trade union struggle to parliamentary work can only be used as a tool to guide the workers and dialectically to understand the overall mood of working class. But the revisionists carry out this practice to gain immediate results and to reduce capitalist exploitation. They want to change the exploitative character of capitalism within the confines of this system. It is nothing more than delusion; capitalism survives by extracting profits from the labour. How is it possible to be in capitalism and at the same time to be without profits? The fantasy world always seems to be attractive but at its core it is only deceptive.

Socialism cannot be achieved through political struggle of the proletariat alone. On the contrary, the inherited growing contradictions of capitalism with shifting consciousness of working class towards conquest of power and the availability of a revolutionary party will only play a decisive role to achieve Socialism. While reformism believes that the labour movement moves in a straight line which is farce. Revisionism never wants revolutionary transformation of the society but instead they always look for alternatives to curb class antagonism. Diminishing, capitalist contradictions are their precedence. From a Reformist standpoint the antagonism that exists between capital and labour can be fine-tuned by improving the conditions of working class. And with that the animosity between state and masses can be settled by democracy. But the prototype of capitalism is purely based on exploitation.

Capitalism has exhausted all possibilities; Social Democracy cannot witness its rebirth as current economic crisis is worsening day by day. The consciousness of working class is struggling to find an alternative. It is moving like pendulum from right to left and left to right. In the last analysis it is not possible to disillusion the working class, they will overcome all the hurdles in front of their interests. It is the task of genuine Marxist force to penetrate in working class and the youth to overthrow capitalism.

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  1. akmal says

    Marxist & Capitalism have both failed ,maybe following the true(not made to suite me type)islam teaching is right way? after all ALLAH swa created the world & only ALLAH swa knows how humans can succeed in it .others only guess what might work,maybe u can learn too???

  2. Barcha says

    but empirically marxism seems failed economic system although it has very alluring arguments, practically it hasn’t qualified to be an appropriate economic system. although capitalism hasn’t delivered as expected still most of the population has support for it. what do you think the major cause of supporting capitalism even after severe economic disability and market failure?

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