Mushk – An unforgettable fragrance of theatrical brilliance  

Theater is a source of disseminating emotions related to any subject, either fiction or reality based stories, which directly make their way towards the heart and leave a long lasting impact. It is a form of creativity which depicts the cultural aspects of a society an individual lives in. This is precisely what makes it more heart touching than any other form of creativity.

Being keen to be a part of different events, I happened to watch a theatrical play named MushkThe Fragrance. The amazing thing about this play was that it was being performed by two of the most versatile actors – featuring Sania Saeed as Zoey Kabir and Nimra Bucha as Sophiya. This worthy-to-watch theatrical play was directed by Kanwal Khoosat, who is none other than the daughter of legendary actor Irfan Khoosat, and sister of Sarmad Sultan Khoosat who has always proved to be exceptional in direction.

This amazing story has been written by two brilliant brains named Seemal Numan and Raabia Qadir. The beautiful set had been designed by Iram Sana. Zainub Jawwad played the background music, adding to the realistic feel of this play. This marvelous, heart touching play had been funded by Embassy of the Netherlands in Pakistan.

When the play began, the mesmerizing view of the stage had already captured my heart. With utmost beauty, a simple homely set amazingly settled in order to give the play a realistic touch. I can’t forget the view of that large window with see-through glass, exposing a perfect mountainous background with some plants by the window pane at the outer part.

The room radiated the indoor warmth of winters as there was a fireplace with a rocking chair and a beautiful turquoise ottoman. The sofa was eye-catching with its cozy look and its cushions of captivating colors, placed in a sequence. The bookshelf, which was neatly stacked with books and was set in the middle of the stage, made it easier to guess that the play was about a writer. This became more evident when I shifted my eyes towards a study table settled in front of it. What a wonderful view it was!

The play was performed only by Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha who created such an amazing view in one’s mind that it was hard to believe there is no one else performing in this play. The beauty of Sania Saeed’s glamorous saari and Nimra Bucha’s costume clearly spoke about the nature of characters they were playing.

Sania Saeed, as Zoey Kabir in the play, performed the role of a journalist who had come to interview a rigid book writer Sophiya, who showed great disinterest in being interviewed for her recently published book which was rapidly gaining popularity. However, the reality lies behind the words of that book which is linked to both characters of the play, while connecting them with another character that was absent. Although absent, the character became the main theme of the play; a character whose ‘Mushk’ is spread by words compiled in Sophiya’s book.

What I liked the most about this play was that it presented a unique story with a fusion of communication practices from the past like letter writing and the romance of a sort which was somewhat like that of old love stories merged with one those from the present era. It also explained how we sometimes wrongly prioritize our career over relationships, which eventually only lead to feelings of regret.

The play’s script also elaborated that writers have sensitive hearts or that perhaps it is the sensitive circumstances of life that make them writers. The experiences of life with respect to emotions like love, pain, regret, departure, separation, anger leading to revenge and depression, along with the underlying layer of that strength gained with all of these pessimistic circumstances, ensure the survival of a person through every sort of hard situation.

It reveals the role of a wife who, instead of criticizing or doubting her husband, individually gives considerable space so that it doesn’t cause any trouble to their relation due to any other female character from his past. In fact, she owns the soul of her husband to save someone closely associated to her husband in the past, from any sort of pain as well as hopelessness.

It was indeed the brilliance of the writer who wrote every word of the script in a way that the audience lived through every moment performed in that play. One simply cannot forget the breathtaking scene when artificial rain was falling outside the small balcony, coupled with amazing thunderous sound effects. The perfect sound production made me feel like I am standing on my balcony enjoying rainfall with a light spray on my cheeks. It was the best moment! Apart from that, the moment was made perfect with the light music of a record player which Sophiya played to enjoy the real essence of rainy weather.

Giving words to the experience of watching an exceptional theatrical performance has made it difficult for me to come out of that enchanting scenario when I was sitting in the hall and was completely devoted to the emotions of Zoey Kabir and Sophiya, inhaling the ‘mushk’ of those remarkable moments. The play highlighted the versatile and brilliant acting qualities of Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha as they constantly performed flawlessly in a flow for 2 hours.

Along with this unforgettable experience of witnessing Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha’s live theatrical performance, the only irritable memory I have is the disturbance caused by the constant ringing of cell phones, the time to time weeping of a baby and photography with flash. These constantly distracted me from the enchanting emotional connection to the play.

Olomopolo Media and Kanwal Khoosat are doing a great job in the revival of theater in its proper form and Mushk was an amazing example of this effort which has left me with wonderful memories. It has also made me commit to myself to attend all theatrical performances organized by this marvelous platform in the future.

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  1. Bilal Bin Saeed says

    Well I haven’t seen the play myself but while going through the blog, I feel myself present in a performing art of 2 dacades ago. In our early life wih only PTV as option, we came across some brilliant performances of legendary Qazi Wajid, Shakeel, Moon Akhtar, Bushra Ansari and many others who gave the masterpieces. One of the concept was 2 men show.
    After decades I feel I missed a masterpiece. But the way the matter is written for the play, I feel myself watching the same at front row.
    Theatre had been captivated by below the belt scrips and write-ups for a long time. But with the time, we are experiencing and expecting major changes in the scripts, environment and culture of the same.
    Thanks too the writer of the blog who gave a live streaming for us.

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