Wisdom comes with age? Faizan Soofi makes you think again

Most of our life we’re taught by our teachers and parents that with age we develop wisdom. However, some kids are putting this notion in the past proving that there is no age limit to intellect, success, and wisdom.

Meet the thirteen-year-old Faizan hailing from Pakistan; he is considered to be one of the world’s youngest published writers making his debut in the fiction genre. He has succeeded as a writer not only in Pakistan but also internationally, his published novel “Instrumental Queens” has earned him recognition around the world. His book has been selected to be placed in several prestigious libraries such as Harvard University, University of Wisconsin and the Library of US Congress amongst many more.

Faizan was just ten years of age when he completed his first 45,000-word fiction novel, marking himself as the youngest published author in Pakistan, proving to possess a talent that even many adults only wish to have.  The prolific young writer was a student at Aitchison College prep school and his teachers were all praises for him when Faizan’s stories were presented to his principal and teachers. They were intrigued by his immense writing talent and doubted whether he had actually written them himself. Faizan’s mother is a graduate in English Literature and confirmed that she only did some minor editing and completely held the book in its original context and writing.

Faizan’s teachers claim that he was writing short stories since the age of 8 and his stories had previously been published in Dawn newspaper. “Faizan was encouraged by special citation given to him by Head Master Mr. Amir Hussain when he wrote his first novella,” stated Faizan’s father when his novella Howl was published in 2014.

An excerpt from his book “Instrumental Queen”:

“Black was her favourite colour. She loved it firstly, because she loved the silent nights in her village punctuated by the chirping of the crickets, and she loved looking at the sky, the stars equidistant from each other. She had learnt that it was very rare for the stars to be equidistant. Secondly, because darkness was so silent that she could think of new ideas and new things in abundance, without someone reading her thoughts by reading her face.”

An example of tremendous verbosity at the tender age of 10.

On his website, Faizan describes Instrumental Queens as:

“Instrumental Queens was my second ever book. It was my first actual novel that I wrote, and it’s also my first series project. I started writing it at around when I first got my Dell Laptop, which was somewhere around when I was nine. It was written first as a prequel to Instrumental Kings, which was written before, but it eventually came out as a full first book rather than just a prequel.”

This is a great step forward for the Pakistani literary scene. Faizan has composed three English plays. His second novel is being reviewed by his mother. He also enjoys writing poetry.

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