Captain Safdar, let me remind you who Dr Abdus Salam was

Dear Captain Safdar,

I hope you are well. Is it alright if I refer to you as Damaad ji? As till yesterday, being PM Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law (who he does not even approve of) was your only claim to fame.

Thank you so much.

So Damaad ji, you took to the floor of the National Assembly to spew hate against Ahmadis in Pakistan. This is the place where officials should make decisions for the betterment of Pakistan and every single citizen and yet here you were, openly asking to persecute 4 million Pakistanis.

Before moving on, I do wonder if you will feel any shame next time you talk about the Muslims in Rohingya, Palestine or just about anywhere else really. My heart says No… actually so does my brain.

Anyhoo, you demanded that the name Professor Abdus Salam Centre for Physics at Quaid-e-Azam University be changed. I am sure you had a valid reason. There are definitely better options, it’s not as if Prof. Abdus Salam ever won a Nobel Prize for physics.

Oh wait. Oops.

I am fairly certain the University will not buckle and will instead ask you to go back to London but just for information’s sake, here’s a little more about the brilliant man you so hate.

It was back in 1943, when Abdus Salam wrote his first paper “A problem of Ramanujan.”

He broke all B.A records and got a scholarship for Math at St. John’s College at Cambridge University. (If you are wondering Damaad ji, only smart people are given such scholarships)

He later became a member of Pakistan’s Atomic Energy Commission and worked towards enhancing Pakistan’s nuclear energy capabilities. So much so, that in 1968 he even received the Atoms for Peace award for his efforts in “making the world aware of the benefits to be gained from using nuclear knowledge for peace, health and prosperity.”

We Pakistanis take a lot of pride in being a nuclear country, and mention again and again how it is a great deterrent against enemies. In 1970, Salam helped set up Pakistan’s first nuclear power plant in Karachi with the help of other engineers.

Bet you didn’t know that.

Do you realize you hate a person the whole world looks up to?

You remember reading about the discovery of the subatomic particle Higgs Boson? You must have. It was his theoretical framework that led to it.

Do you know there is a Route Abdus Salam in CERN in Geneva, Switzerland?

Just recently, a bust of Abdus Salam was unveiled at the International Atomic Energy Agency headquarters in Vienna.

A not so known fact about him is when budding Pakistani scientists did not have enough money; he was known to spend out of his own pocket to make it possible for them to realize their true potential.

But again after reading all this, I am sure the person you will suggest will be a lot more deserving.

Also, seeing that you said Ahmadis are enemies of Pakistan, here is another name you seem to have forgotten.

Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan.

He was the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan. In 1954 he left to serve on the International Court of Justice and then became the court’s Vice President, and eventually President (1970). In 1961 he became Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations. Just so you know, he was the only Asian and Pakistani to ever preside over both.

Do you know what he is considered to be?

“One of the leading founders of Pakistan.”

The very country you call your own and hold a passport for. Actually I don’t know this last bit for sure.

Damaad ji, then you went on to angrily say that Ahmadis should not be allowed in the Army.

Personally, I really don’t think you are a bad person and you are not just saying all this to get support from fellow bigots or to shift focus from words like corruption. I am sure you just have a poor memory, that is all. So here are a few names that you may have also forgotten.

Major General Iftikhar Janjua

Major General Iftikhar Janjua

He died during military combat fighting for Pakistan. He was the hero of “Rann of Kutch” and was martyred during the ‘Battle of Chamb’ where he had been in command of 23 infantry division in the Indo-Pak War of 1971. He was awarded the Hilal-e-Jurat & Bar, Sitara-i-Pakistan and Sitara-i-Quaid-i- Azam.

He was an Ahmadi. Even his brother Major General Ijaz Amjad was known to be an outstanding general. Yes, that would make him an Ahmadi as well.

Zafar Ahmad Chaudhary

Zafar Ahmad Chaudhary

He was a three-star air force officer and the first Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force. He is a founding member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and served as a treasurer. He also won the Sitara-e-Quaid-i-Azam.

Lieutenant General Abdul Ali Malik

Lieutenant General Abdul Ali Malik

He was a Pakistani Army Engineer officer and a high ranking Military General. In the 1965 Indo-Pak war, he won us the largest tank battle after WWII in Chawinda. He did a whole lot more and also commanded the 8th Infantry Division in the western sector of the 1971 Indo-Pak war. He was awarded the Hilal-i-Jurat.

Lieutenant General Akhtar Hussain Malik

Lieutenant General Akhtar Hussain Malik

He was a war hero, a prominent general known for his towering presence. He was popular for his immaculate boldness in strategy, quick thinking, and his love for his country. As GOC 12th Division he was the overall commander for Operation Grand Slam in the Indo-Pak war 1965.

For reasons still not too clear, when he had been on the verge of a huge victory General Yahya Khan replaced him. However, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto reportedly said, “Had General Akhtar Malik not been stopped in the Chamb-Jaurian Sector, the Indian forces in Kashmir would have suffered serious reverses, but Ayub Khan wanted to make his favorite, General Yahya Khan, a hero.”

He also was awarded the Hilal-i-Jurat.

Major General Nasir Ahmed Chaudhary

Major General Nasir Ahmed Chaudhary

He was known to be extremely disciplined and yet kind. He took a bullet in his leg for the country and walked with a limp as a constant reminder. Unfortunately, he was killed on May 28th in the Model Town attack on Ahmadis’ ‘place of worship’. First injured by a grenade, and then shot repeatedly.

Major General Abdullah Saeed

Major General Abdullah Saeed was a Pakistani general who served as commandant of the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul and Chief Martial Law Administrator for Baluchistan when Zia ul Haq overthrew Bhutto. He later on became Pakistan’s ambassador to Mexico and Cuba.

When he died of Colon Cancer in 1988, even Zia ul Haq personally went to offer his condolences to his family.

Squadron Leader Muniruddin Ahmed

Squadron Leader Muniruddin Ahmed

He flew 8 combat missions before being martyred after his aircraft was hit. He was so brave, that he always volunteered in dangerous situations without considering his own personal safety. For instance, the heavily defended radar station near Amritsar was attacked repeatedly by PAF fighters but he opted to fly and defend at each given instance.

For this very courage, he was awarded the Sitar-i-Jurat.

In case you have forgotten again Damaad ji, all these men were Ahmadis; each one awarded with honor and respect for protecting Pakistan.

The military prides itself as being free of all bigotry and these kinds of divisions with their main aim being to protect the country. So how can you stop a Pakistani from serving his own nation? Because he is an Ahmadi? Can you strip that away from a citizen? Some of them gave up their lives protecting the country you belong to.

I should add a little disclaimer before signing off: no, I am not an Ahmadi. I wanted to clear that up as many usually continue this argument with, “Oh, since you are sticking up for them, you must be an Ahmadi.” I am not, sorry to add further to your disappointment.

Please remember these names the next time you call them enemies.


A Pakistani who believes every citizen is the same and should have equal rights

“If you love your country, you must be willing to defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness–even from a president.”  – DaShanne Stokes


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  1. Munawar says

    Nice and bold article.

  2. Pakisani.... says

    Ms. Shamila Ghyas, your name seems to be a Muslim one hope your name reflects what you are from the believes. But you should keep in mind that we are Muslims first before Pakistani, and we should all be proud of our Beloved Prophet Hazarat Muhammad PBUH, i wish you would have also reiterated your believe and would have shown proud on our Beloved Prophet PBUH at the end of this “articale “.

    1. Meraj Shahab says

      Prof. Abdus Salam commanded respect form every one who mt him due to his profound knowledge and gentlemanliness. He influenced USA to establish pakistan’s 1st Nuclear research reactor at PINSTECH. He planned and sent + 500 young scientists to USA and Europe on scholarship to build scientific base of Pakistan. When Bhutto launched project 708 for nuclear bomb he became its patron and advised him to appoint Dr. Munir Khan as PAEC Head. He gave his student Dr. Riazuddin to Pakistan as head of Theoretical Physicists group…for doing basic scientific calculations for designing nuclear fission process without the help of computers. Prof. Salam was actively involved in this project and guided Dr. Munir to establish various technical project teams for achieving Nuclear bomb. He was the planner and real father of this project and others were executioners. He remained actively involved in this project till the end of 1974, when as a protest he left Pakistan. Even after leaving Pakistan he supported the nuclear project.
      ………….I do agree that Ahmadi belief system is against Quran, and we should not have marital relationship with them but even Rasool Allah never proclaimed Munafiqs as non Muslim/ nor outcaste them from the society of Muslims…as long as they did not openly repudiate Quran and basic pillars of Islam…perhaps our beloved messenger had said… treat a person as Muslim if he lives with you as a Muslim even if there is 99 signs of Kufr and only one sign of Iman. Who knows… children of such deviated Muslims or Kafirs… might become Muslim due to our just and kind behavior.
      Meraj Shahab, an Indian Muslim who abhors Qadiani belief system.

    2. Madiha Habib says

      @Pakisani We are Pakistanis before Muslims. When we talk about a collective perspective, we are Pakistanis and that’s more important to us than being Muslims in the interest of our country. Then we will be able to overcome the differences and progress as one nation rather one cast, one creed or one sect.

  3. Chaudhry says

    What a great analysis. This is slap on Damaad Jii face who has no sense of using National Assembly forum. I will not only blame him as lot others are responsible for this act. Heads of this forum who allowed his continuing even were not knowing that such hatred speeches only create cracks in society not the patches.

    Also what a beautiful and honest write up is by this courageous writer and how she has put all facts and figures starigt with balance. May GOD give courage to all our Nation fellows to follow guidelines from Allah that Allah does not like Zalimeen.

  4. Ahmed says

    Wow what an amazing article. Hats off to the writer. Damad Ji won’t even know about theories and sub stom Higgs Boson, poor guy can only possibly spell PANAMA. Thanks for enlightening us.

    1. Jamil Anwar says

      On the day of Judgement, ALLAH is not going to ask any about theories and sub stom Higgs Boson (and the APOSTATE abdus salam). HE will ask about your believe in the LAST AND FINAL PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)

      1. TiM Timbuktu says

        How do you know what Allah is going to ask any individual?

  5. M Mirza says

    Great job. Proofs, facts and figures.

  6. Zeeshan says

    I wish people should open their eyes ,minds and heart to listen up , islam and anti ahmadi slogans are being only used by these so-called muslims politicians who are accused of corruption and looting of country’s assets. They call them selve aashiqaan e rasool .

    1. Zeeshan says

      Nice article and good research by the way ,by writer Shamila Ghyas.

  7. Sara Aamir says


  8. Aamir says

    Brilliant article Shamila. These are our true heroes. Proud of all them. Well done Shamila.

  9. Salim says

    Young lady, as long as there are Pakistanis of your ilk with daring courage, eloquence , and love for our country ; no false-Safdar, (فوج کی صفوں کو پھاڑنے والا )son-in-law of Not-so-Sharif will get away insulting any Pakistani regardless what religion, which ethnicity. With our National heroes his fate will be worse than his Father-in-law,

  10. Shahida says

    Well done sister.l am an Ahmadi and l thank you for favouring my community.l am proud of you as a Pakistani that you have brilliantly answered damad ji

  11. Arayan says

    My utmost gratitude to the author for enriching me with so much of history. I had read on Dr. Abdus Salam but not others you mentioned.

    It’s ironic how so many Pakistanis hail the metallurgist, a man named Abdul Qadeer Khan, a corrupt thief who stole and then later sold nuclear designs to rogue nations like North Korea and helped in making the world a much dangerous place.

  12. Sabhi says

    Thanks a million

  13. A Khan says

    Excellent piece! I believe majority of Pakistani’s are brave, honest and patriots. Otherwise this country would not have survived this long. The handful of crooks and no-shame politicians and religious bigots are the cancer – who are eating away this great Islamic Nation who produced some of best in the world!

  14. Khadim says

    Very well Sister

  15. Dr Ahmad says

    We respect and salute these heroes of Pakistan.
    Shame on Damaadji

  16. Rafia Mirza says

    This should be included in our history books in schools
    Our kids read so much fiction believing all the lies as gospel truths & sadly they are brain- washed to hate too many ppl
    Ahmadis are perhaps the biggest victims.

  17. L.Ahmad says

    People like Safdar have a very short span of attention and selective memory. He represents the scumbags of elites in Pakistan.

  18. Rizwan says

    Well done
    You brilliantly summaries these facts.

  19. Pindiwal says

    Why can’t Pakistan discriminate against Wahabis.. they’re not really muslims and they’re the enemies of all humanity…. but every Pakistani government gets down on their knees as soon as they demand.

    1. AKMAL says


  20. Safwan Khan says

    well done, very well researched and written. we are humans first and foremost, should respect each other regardless of our beliefs. religion is between you and God and we leave it like that. instead of questioning other loyalty we should talk about what have we as individuals or group of individuals have done for country. I respect all beliefs and proud of all the aforementioned heroes.

  21. Nisar says

    Good job, well done!

  22. Asad Shah says

    agree with pakistani our religion is the first thing which is the besic concept of pakistan we are just faithfull to our allah pak and our beloved last prophet (peace be upon him) our kalma is faar biggest power then any atom bomb and any other power . so we dont need any of those kind of peoples who cannot beleave on our prophet (peace be upon him) first of all la illa ha illalah muhamad ur rasool allah .

  23. Arshad says

    many things have come out of the writer’s bag, for such poor politicians
    Higgs theory is there for last 5 decades and still on,, the writer should witness the infinite universe and believe that
    the creator is empowered to create many such universes in a time, not in our comprehension and also analyze that how
    a very weak person stands against the demand of the Almighty and differs in his thoughts??? A millionaire? A general?
    A Noble laureate?? An Ahmadi?? Yes people talk about the West and take air to be like them, here one should only know that nothing is important than the witness of the Last prophethood and I should know how such genius knowing the secrets of this universe not knowing the purpose of their own life and creation??

  24. M. Habib Quader says

    I congratulate the writer on writing so well on a subject so thorny. The Ahmadis of Pakistan and pre-partition India have indeed made huge contributions towards the establishment, and, survival through a series of crises soon after its creation, To deny this will be putting truth on its head and rewriting history.

  25. M. Habib Quader says

    I congratulate the writer on writing so well on a subject so thorny. The Ahmadis of Pakistan and pre-partition India have indeed made huge contributions towards the establishment, and, survival through a series of crises soon after its creation, To deny this will be putting truth on its head and rewriting history.

    This is the only comment from me !!

  26. Ruhan says

    Thanks a lot for a lovely article and a VERY PROFOUND social studies lesson for DAMMAD JII!

    May Allah be with you always!

  27. Abbas Syed says

    For the information of Captain Bigot or Damad ji, Mohammad Zafarullah Khan, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, because of his knowledge of and fluency, in both classical Arabic and English has translated holy Koran in English. His translation of Koran is considered among best translations of Koran.

    1. AKMAL says


  28. akmal says

    let me start by saying i do not like nawaz lot (cus they have looted pak)so i know they would do anything to save themselves,s. now to ur article ,let me point out that i have no problems with ahmadis as pakistanis but i have a problem when they call themselves,s Muslims cus that in it self is a contradiction (if u do not believe that Mohammed saww is the last prophet)then u can not call yourself a muslim or call ur prayer places masjids ,as u can not be called a christian unless u believe in Jesus ,do u understand where i am going with this. and for the noble prize, that has been given to the woman who is in power in Burma who has been killing 1000,s of muslims(who by the way are citizens of that country by birth) & even a Jewish leader of isreal got (and he also was responsible for killing 1000,s of muslims of Palestine, so do u see what i think of noble peace prize designed by white person for who they approve of (and the ahmadis also started by white pple british when they ruled india ) now for sacrifices i think u will find to every one ahmadi killed in the name of pakistan there will be 10,000 real muslims who died in the cause and name of pakistan ,so dont give me rubbish about sacrifices as my own members of family have given their life too in the cause so the pakistani ahmadis can be safe..BUT dont tell me they are muslims & if they are not trying to be devious then why do they call themselves muslims when clearly they are not, i have a problem with what they want to call their belief,but as citizens of pak they should be given every right ..AND do u know how money is being given to ahmadis by the west & usa to promote their ideology & how they ahmadis are trying to confuse muslim youth cus they pretend to be muslims , do u also know that usa is promoting Sufism form islam where women are leading the prayers in usa & that is against islam .so u dont know half of the thing that are getting played out in the new world order .NOW LETs BE CLEAR A AHMADI IS NOT A MUSLIM BUT CAN BE A PAKISTANI CITIZEN WITH ALL THE RIGHTS GIVEN TO EVERY OTHER CITIZEN OF PAK & IF THEY WANT TO GET ALONG THEY SHOULD STOP CALLING THEMSELVES MUSLIMS THATS ALL

  29. Basharat says

    I have no words to salute such people like you who can say truth in such hostile environment. People like you are the “Hope” of this country , our very own country. May God Save our country. Ameen!
    Salute to the Pakistan Army as well.

  30. Lt Col R Omar Jan Sikandary says

    It is not Safdar’s fault what rubbish he spoke in the so called NA,but the type of family he got attached whose religion is loot and plunder . Had he stayed in the mainstream army, he might had been a different person. He is now trying to prove his loyalty to his paymaster.

  31. Capt. Nemo says

    I am a former officer of the Indian Army. I was in the same sector-Phillaura/Chawinda in 1965 and am a witness to the valor of Generals Malik, who stopped the advance of the Division I served with. Amazing courage which we from the other side of the fence appreciated. As a student of military history, I read about Gen. Malik much later and was overawed by the sheer courage and determination of the soldier who didn’t give an inch of the ground he was holding. What a crying shame that the parochial attitude of the present generation of your country is disowning the heroes who saved your country just because their belief system is different but the love for their country is far more intense than the most.

    1. Captain. Ahmand Kamal says

      Captain Ahmad Kamal, From this side of the Fence. Thanks, Capt. Nemo for raising your voice and throwing light on otherwise shady & forgotten stature of some of our War Heroes. Your appreciation shows your Family Background, Your Upbringing and the Strength of Your Character.
      Thanks from those who are long gone and can’t defend themselves anymore.

      I Salute You, Sir.

  32. Tara says

    Only if we have more people like this writer to set the record straight, the practoce of using religion for political motives can end.

  33. Zaheer Sufi says

    About time someone reminded Damad ji the limits of ignorance! What a piece of writing , salute to you my fellow citizen of ! Thanks

  34. Hammad J. says

    Really Peaceful comment !! Thanks to the writer for his straight wording .. BTW I’m an Ahmadi and we are also peace lovers and we also have firm belief that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is our beloved and last Prophet.

  35. AKMAL says


  36. Ahsan Manto says

    Well done. Very impressive article.

  37. M.Ashraf Janjua says

    I would like to add something to what Shamila Ghyas has said.
    i)Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan became 17 th president of the U N General Assembly in 1964.
    ii) In Trieste Italy, there is the International Centere of Theoretical Physics,which was set up with the efforts of prof.Abdus Salam,for the exclusive benefit of students and scholars from developing countries.This Centre is now called Prof:Abdus Salam Centre of Theoretical Physics.Literally,thousands of students and scholars from developing countries are benefitting from research aand other activities of the Centre.How many Pakistanis know about this achievement of an Ahmadi.
    I may also say for the information of this ungrateful nation that Professor Abdus Salam very much wanted to establish this Center in Pakistan,and had submitted a proposal to this effect to the then President,Ayub Khan.The president passed on this proposal to the then Finance Minister Mr Mohammad Shoab,who was a CIA agent.He commented that this proposal was nothing more than building a 5-star air-conditioned hotel/residence for physicists from all over the world.The fake Field Marshal never consulted any scientist and turned down the proposal.Italian authorities took advantage of this proposal and to-day the Center enjoys an international reputation,and so does the name of Professor Abdus Salam.
    Let me be on record that I asked this question to Professor Abdus Salam himself after his lecture in Karachi University,and he agreed with my statement.Incidently I met Professor Salam a number of times.On one of these occasions he asked me to initiate a proposal of Flood Control Institute in the country.
    Professor Abdus Salam offered a part of his prize money from Nobel Prize to Government of Pakistan for promotion of education provided Government also contribute ten times the amount offered by Prof: Salam.Well,some jerk in Islamabad suggested that Government could match the amount.The Professor withdrew the offer and he directly financed a number of Pakistani students studying abroad.
    All these facts are given in Professor Salam’s biography compiled by a Sikh scientist.

  38. Ms. Nadeem says

    That’s telling ’em Shamila! so proud of you. Personally I can never comprehend what someone s religious affiliation has anything to do with his ability and achievement. Religion is something very personal one-to-one between you and God.

    1. AKMAL says

      not personal when u change they foundation of my religion and try and pass urself as muslims when u clearly are not .

  39. Khalid Khan says

    Dear Shamila,

    Thank you for a fascinating article. It is well written and well-researched. The blind hostility displayed in some of the comments responding to it would make me despair of my hope that Pakistan might ever achieve the potential that its founders saw if it were not for the luminous courage and lucidity you have displayed.

    May Allah bless you and protect you and all the decent and well-meaning people of that nation.

  40. Captain. Ahmand Kamal says

    Mashallah, A Bold & Courageous Article. It is very easy to sit in Western Society and talk on these sensitive issues BUT to Raise Your Pen What to Talk About Your Voice in the Land of Intolerance & Fundamentalism is definitely worth recognizing & appreciating. May Allah Almighty Keep You and Your Family in His Protection and Save You From the Wrath of These Arrogant, Ignorant & Munafiq People!!!!!!!!

  41. N. Ogra says

    Well done. Beautiful article.
    I would not be surprised if he would understand a word of it.
    Please ask someone to translate in simple dehati Urdu.
    If at all he was a little educated, he would never have given this speech.

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