Pakistan’s lame-duck administration

Pakistan’s geostrategic position gives it a unique advantage as it is situated at the crossroads of opportunity. It is merged with China, an emerging economy of the world; and India, the biggest democracy in the world and a developing economy, from its north and east respectively. In its northeast, it provides the shortest and cheapest trade route to the rich Central Asian states through Wakhan Corridor, a narrow strip which separates Pakistan and Tajikistan in Northeastern Afghanistan.

Pakistan is the world’s fourth largest cotton producer and coal-reserver country – one of the largest copper-reservers in the world, estimated at eighteen million tons and thirty-five million ounces of residual gold. Above all, Pakistan is an atomic power and has the world’s strongest standing army.

Quaid-e-Azam, the founding father of Pakistan, envisioned it an Islamic laboratory and a sovereign state which would usher under Islamic ideologies. Unfortunately, he could not live long and demised on September 11, 1948. From then Pakistan has been crippling and has stuck in a quagmire of crisis badly. It was deemed to be a democratic country, but it has been ruled by military dictators – democracy had been whipped, hanged and ostracized by those dictators.

Today, after 70 years of its inception, Pakistan has seen multifaceted crises: educational, economic, energy, etc – this is despite its precious, extravagant resources. It has deteriorated its relations with other countries due to a lack of good governance and diplomatic techniques. In the current government there was no foreign ministry of Pakistan separately employed, which is the main reason of Pakistan being called a safe haven for terrorists by the US President, Donald Trump – even though, Pakistan has been fighting the US led war on terror since 9/11.

Corruption has permeated in the Pakistani society and a lack of national integration has become a sore throat, which hurts every sane individual of the country. In today’s world, collapsing of a nation doesn’t require an atomic bomb or a continental ballistic missile, it only requires collapse of education, lack of nationalism and absence of good governance – because such an education system produces morally corrupt people who make an opaque accountability system – and a general proclamation of pardon will pervade in the country.

Issues discussed hereinabove are just the tip of the iceberg. But it is not all gloom and doom, if we as a nation make a real effort, consequences might change from worst to better. Nobody is above the law, there should be no immunity of offenders – infringed people must be penalized with iron hands.

Pakistan has God gifted resources. If its statesmen discard stagnancy and indifference, it will live with high grandeur – because if people don’t change themselves there will be no help coming from the Almighty.

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