Mahira-Ranbir controversy: Stop overreacting and cut out the double standards

The Pakistani society is unique and never leaves a chance to bash someone under the pretext of religion, morals and ethics. There is no doubt that today’s community has become digital crusaders – moralists, fundamentalists and sensationalists. Every day is a surprise, whether it’s politics or the entertainment industry.

Celebrities are always in the news and that’s what helps them to be “in” all the time, whether it’s for their work or their fans.

Ranbir Kapoor, a heartthrob, had been continuously failing to produce a blockbuster film and his fans are quite disappointed by his performance, as once he was among the leading actors.

Jagga Jasoos was a complete failure. Even though his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif was also cast in the film, but even she couldn’t bring a lucky charm.

This time he is in the limelight, not for the film success or failure, but for allegedly being in a relationship with the Pakistani “Khirad”, the famous actress of Hum Safar, Mahira Khan.

Three days ago, The Times of India published a story that claimed that Ranbir is in London with Alia Bhatt and Ayan Mukherji to discuss their much-awaited superhero film temporarily titled Dragon.
But yesterday, Ranbir-Mahira pictures stirred a controversy on social media, and within no time they became headlines in both countries.

The Indian actor was captured in a casual look, while Mahira wore a white backless dress with white shoes. Both holding cigarettes in hands and enjoying the smoke partnership publically.

However, Pakistani social media users became furious watching Mahira with Ranbir on a New York street with a long cigarette in hand. Those think their privacy has been invaded are on the wrong side this time, because they were sitting in a public place in a casual style – Ranbir is also captured yawning in some pictures.

That’s the story of what every other person is gossiping about and now you have been informed.

Pak-India, both lands have both sides of love and hatred. Some praise and some criticize.

The nawab of Bollywood had not also left any chance to remain in the news. Saif Ali Khan, earlier this year, took a shocking stance on Fawad Khan and said the only reason he is ‘exotic’ for Indian women is because he is from ‘forbidden land’.

Seriously? So now Mahira Khan is from the ‘forbidden land’ seen with the secular country’s Kapoor Family’s son Ranbir Kapoor?

Let’s figure out why people are calling out Mahira Khan for “destroying the image of Pakistan”. They think every Pakistani outside motherland is an ambassador of the country and such an Islamic country specifically doesn’t allow women (and women only, by the way) to roam around with any boy. This is why people are assaulting Mahira for smoking, but no one is asking why Ranbir is smoking.

Similarly, Osman Khalid Butt also took to the social media to respond to all the men who are criticizing Mahira for smoking and beautifully responded to all so called critiques and raised a perfect question over society’s double standard.

Ali Zafar has also become a savior and posted an image on Instagram asking people keep their sensibility alive and let every woman to make her own choice. That’s spot on.


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The Mahira-Ranbir image has definitely sparked a debate over gender discrimination.

Some have claimed that they are merely concerned about their health. Seriously?

People must stop spreading depression in others’ lives through their ridiculous and judgmental comments, and let others live peacefully.

After Mahira Khan’s latest picture leak people have started labeling her a non-Muslim, a non-Pakistani.

Such controversies are always alarming, especially after the murder of popular social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch. Her death was an honor killing.

Ethics and moral limits have been discussed since ages, but the question is what ethics and moral values are we following?

The interesting cusp of this story is, people are least concerned about her dating with Ranbir and they are more focused on why a woman is smoking?

The society has to grow up and has to understand that everyone has right to do whatever they feel right for themselves. Gossips must remain gossips, people have no right to single out women.

Pakistanis were proud of Fawad Khan. He was a stud in the shirtless scene with Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat while Mahira Khan is a slut for smoking with Ranbir Kapoor?

Think, stop overreacting and cut out the double standards.

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