Punjab Nahin Jaungi – Main movie dekhnay nahin jaungi!

Nothing can better describe my horror after watching Pakistani cinema’s revival with such an imperfect movie than the headline.

I never compare Lollywood movies with Hollywood or Bollywood. But come on! Make some sense of the cinematography?

Let me explain it with the factors which haunted me into writing about such a successful movie that has so many drawbacks.

Everyone was expecting a revival but all hopes seemed lost after watching such an overhyped movie.

Most of the hype was because of the news of Humyaun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat making circles in the media for the past few days.

No story

Let’s assume it was a love story, which actually gives me stronger arguments. The story starts with the Heer-Ranjha idealism and later the girl leaves his boyfriend for the sake of materialism?

Humayun Saeed as Fawad Khagga offers Mehwish Hayat his all land and dairy farm, while the other boy refuses to give her any sort of material thing to prove his love.

So many editing loopholes

Saba Hameed talked to her son with an upside down Samsung phone! I mean seriously? Can someone talk with the wrong side of the phone?

In another scene, Mehwish Hayat is sitting with blow-dried hair and in the same scene, she turns with straight hair.

How can someone keep their concentration with such errors?

Worst cinematography ever

Urwa was stiff, but was asked for an item song? It was like watching a stick dancing with an expressionless face on the big screen. Disappointing. No feel, only laugh!  Even Ahmed Butt’s body was shaking with expressions and according to beat.

Endorsing stereotypes

It was stereotypical story that had a man slap a woman, who would have no right to speak up because she has a soft heart and should forgive her man for any wrongdoings. Such a great message to the society.

Fawad Khagga doesn’t react when his wife hugged her male friend, who was also her ex-boyfriend, but he slaps her over dialogue ‘tumhari moochein haath main da dungi’ – like saying something about a naturally grown mustache is worse than your wife physically hugging a male friend?


The final dialogue has completely shattered my whole concept of religion. Mehwish: Muhabbat rozay ki tarhan hoty hai, aur main tum sa talaq lay ker yahan say ja ker roza nahin tor sakty. I mean seriously? Muslims keep fast for Allah’s blessing and not for virtual love. Karva Chauth is a Hindu festival and it exists in real in their society, that’s why they portray it in their movies.

Wardrobe malfunctions galore!

Gripped shalwar of Mehwish Hayat gave an eww feel throughout the song Tera Naal Naal. Why was the shalwar sticking to the body? It wasn’t a hot and sexy feel at all.

Out of place English

The MA pass paindu uses English words in each sentence. This is Pakistan where an English content writer even does not use so many English words in their conversation. The mother of an ‘MA pass’ talks to him in English too. Saba Hameed: “How are you Beta gee?”  Humayun Saeed: “I am fine Ami gee” – after hearing such conversation, I asked myself why do I even exist on this planet?

Out of place comedy

One should learn from the director of PNJ Nadeem Beyg how to turn a serious scene into comedy. Scenes that were supposed to be intensely serious, hit the comedy genre.

Hilarious action

There was good comedy in the fighting scenes though. There were irrelevant fights of the protagonist and antagonist, where you cannot figure out why they are fighting and for whom they are belligerent.

‘Help me’

Last but not the least the ‘help me’ dialogue of the movie urged me to ask cinema owners to ‘help me’ and return my hard-earned money!

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  1. Munib says

    Get a life, and start writing some actual stuff. Criticism is easy. If you dont like Pakistani media go where you find such things make sense to you. I am happy that my film industry is reviving and we dont have to go watch Bollywood movies anymore.

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