Xiaomi is now the obvious choice of tech geeks in Pakistan

Imagine a life without technology. Sounds like a horror movie, right? But the abundance of technological products is also a horror movie. One that is never discussed. But maybe it’s about time. We go to the market to purchase a smartphone and see all kinds of them ranging from the one that requires you to sell a kidney to buy them to the ones that don’t cost much but hardly last six months. Most people want a balance between the two factors: price and quality.

In 2016, after partnering with Smartlink Technologies, a Chinese brand Xiaomi entered Pakistani market and solved the trouble of the Pakistani public. Xiaomi is a brand that believes in “innovation for everyone” and to that end, they create products that come with the best quality at affordable prices.

Xiaomi has revolutionised the technology market in not only Pakistan but also in 30 other countries where they sell their products. Xiaomi is currently the world’s 5th largest smartphone manufacturer.

Xiaomi is also excelling in the field of smart home products. In August, the brand launched two new smartphones and a bunch of ECO products.

The ECO Products include an Electric Scooter, Bluetooth Speaker, Amazfit PACE, Mi Car Purifier, Mi Car Charger, Mi Headphones and many more. The tech geeks just couldn’t get enough of these amazing products.

Mi 6 is a beast of a phone with a 12MP camera specifically designed to fulfill the needs of Instagram lovers. It comes with the super-fast Snapdragon 835 and a RAM of 6GB. Mi 6 has a 5.15″ full HD display.

Mi Max 2 comes with the claim Big display, bigger battery. And surely the claims are true. Mi Max 2 has a huge display of 6.44″ making it the perfect choice for phablet lovers. And it has a battery of 5300mAh.

It is the proof of these products’ quality that all of them were sold out within a week of their launch. All of Xiaomi’s products are available at Daraz, the brand’s official e-commerce partner. You can also order them from mistore.

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