Why do by-elections in Pakistan become a matter of life and death?

NA 120 is the home constituency of the ex-premier Nawaz Sharif that was vacated after his disqualification in a historic verdict given by the apex court against him. Nawaz Sharif considered his wife to be the most appropriate candidate for this seat. Though opposition is raising grave concerns on the candidature of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, but this is the internal matter of PML-N whoever it awards the ticket to contest this poll.

Moreover, it is the masses that decide whom to cast vote and choose their leader. The whole Pakistani media will give its coverage to this election as usual. The government will ensure that its candidate wins. The dilemma is that the critical issues in the country will go on the backburner.

Though it is just one seat that will not change the destiny of any party, still it will be considered the matter of indignity and disgrace for the ruling party, if not for PTI or PPP, at the time if the results come against it. In fact our nation – including politicians – is yet to realise the values democracy is consisted of.

Elections in a democracy are the sign of accountability rather the matter of life and death.

In this critical time, all the efforts of the ruling party should be on mending the twisted foreign policy and improving law and order situation in the country. PTI and other parties, instead of waiting for general or by elections, should also help the government in tackling other more vital issues.

We should not let the elections mar the importance of other grave issues the country is facing. The political parties should accept the result of elections with open heart and mind. Victory and defeat are part and parcel of any democracy.

The elections – either general or by – should be treated as a type of accountability in the same way they are considered in other powerful democratic countries. During the elections, the government must keep on focusing on other important matters. It should not put the whole machinery in the process to have the desired results.

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