The case of a college that the CM is ready to ruin for his MPs

“The secret of the demagogue is to make himself as stupid as his audience so they believe they are clever as he for he (demagogue) must be neither an educated nor an honest man; he has to be an ignoramus and a rogue.”—Karl Kraus

The absurdities which the PML-N is, from top to bottom, meticulously proficient to engender are ad infinitum. It’s a not-so-subtle dig at dumb tricks, played by political brass, when peppered with myriad run-of-the-mill schemes which become overwhelmingly hackneyed. Sasti Roti, Peeli Taxi, Danish schools et al. are some illustrations. The ‘ingenuity’ is not only confined to the top slot but it crawls also to the lower rung of a ladder i.e. toward the local representatives. The recent example is of the NA-60 (Chakwal).

The ludicrous enterprise which is a veritable brainchild of the local MPs of Chakwal is: “A College within a college”. In other words, the construction of a government postgraduate college for women within the precincts of the historic Government Postgraduate (GPC) which traces its inception in 1949 when it was built upon Raja Sarfaraz Khan’s donated 305-kanal land. The project leaving educationalists with no option but to take it with a pinch of salt for the entire idiocy is a death-knell to the dream: The GPC would be upgraded to a chartered university one day. As being an erstwhile student of the GPC, I’m skeptically quizzical to myself that to how long the great dreams will remain to be eclipsed behind the rogue schemes of mischievous demagogues?

The district collector rightly estimated the worth of Rs 4.8m for the privately-owned land near Pinwal village to avert that folly which will cost taxpayers a gigantic amount of Rs 111.6m after construction of women’s college within the GPC premises. But the same was rejected by the CM to make local politicos as happy as a sand-boy. Instead of pivoting on focal issues which include want of the female hostels, amelioration of security situation in wake of terrorism, increase of faculty to the max etc, government in its look-busy-do-nothing craze is gilding the lily. Furthermore is it okay to segregate the learning environment when the co-education is the order of the day? The answer is nope. But the real irony is how to cope with the myopia of electable who as being demagogue acts upon the whims of his ignorant impulses?

Indubitably the demagoguery in sync with stupidity has no limits particularly when it’s based upon malicious nexus of demagogues. At this very instance, democracy being beclouded by few thugs and mafias fosters mediocrity. The mediocre politicos for their own vested interests give death-blow to the public interest. The great dream of college-cum-university is once again in shambles. In 2006, the district administration headed by the then demagogue tried to encroach the college’s territorial boundaries in order to further business interests of few. The teachers and students being vanguard security-guards preserved college’s land from avaricious eyes of the then demagogue. The SC took suo moto and finally public interest was upheld with the victory of college. Once again, today in 2017, college is in dire need of an active judicial intervention for its survival to eschew political madness of local demagogues. In a lighter mode, college needs one more Panama in order to thwart voracious designs of local politicos.

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