The star power of Hamza Malik

The voice of an angel, the walk of a rock star, the talk of a poet, and the looks of a high-end fashion model – the aura of Hamza Malik is spreading like wildfire.

This talented young voice of Pakistan is soaring new heights as he works on a magnificent music collaboration with the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan himself. Combined with his upcoming international Euro tour in November 2017 starting with Norway, an applauding list of TVCs, and skilfully harpooned OSTs and covers, this dapper young musician has his hands full. Yet, he manages to pull it all off so gracefully that he raises the bar high for his generation of creative professionals. Oh, and one to brag the fact that along with everything else, we will be getting an extravaganza of new songs releasing this year.

Starting off his music career while he was in high school about four years ago, Hamza unlocked his way to stardom from a very early stage. He was studying in Los Angeles, the city of lights at the time and so it was only fitting that he launch forth his American dream by beginning the leg of US tour where he gained thousands of loyal fans, and popularity as the golden boy of music. Coming to Pakistan, he started working on his debut hit Soneya and won the hearts of many young, die hard music fans in search of a soulful performance. Travelling back and forth to US and Pakistan, Hamza kept working on setting a base for himself as a professional singer.

He takes it as a responsibility on himself to make Pakistan proud wherever he goes. Just recently he has completed leg of his London tour, along with Dubai and Denmark in the last few months, just a few to mention. This makes him one of those rare star power singers that gain a huge following wherever they go with their charisma, their passion, their legacy.  Bear in mind that he very well stays in touch with his roots, and also performs locally, then again with an echelon of a loyal crowd.

The mark of a true artist lies in them taking inspiration from their surroundings, and often turning their pain into a beautiful ode of humanity. Having lost his mother to sickness about a year and a half ago, this young man did the same, and made a heart-wrenching tribute in the name of Aye Khuda. The conceptualisation of the video has been experimented with mime, an idea never used before in Pakistani music videos. While chatting with him about my absolute favourite cover of O Re Piya, he told me about the inspiration behind covering this very well sought, beautiful melody. Getting accustomed to meeting different cultures and drawing inspiration from them at a very young age, he acknowledged the harsh treatment of women in the male dominant society that is Pakistan.

Bearing a liberated mind-set, he wanted the powerful women of this nation to know their capability of becoming larger than life. The concept of the video shows how women are oppressed and mistreated, in despite of their basic rights. It also shows that only they have the power to change their misfortunes. Another of his creative projects include the cover of Aye Raah-e-Haq ke Shaheedo in honour of Defence Day.

Hamza Malik, being the young empowered voice of Pakistan, is restructuring the much needed parameter in the new age of music industry. Talents like him are the backbone in the creation of a legacy for the generations to come. All the best to you, the very handsome, and the super talented young man. Looking forward to all your upcoming new ventures in the coming months. Looks like we will have our hands full and we cannot be more excited to be the part of this creative journey of yours. All the power to you.

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