Na Maloom Afraad 2: A ride that’s worth your money

After a series of disastrous movies, cinema houses needed a thrill of this (Na Maloom Afraad 2) level. A movie that is a combination of solid comedy, fine action sequences and firm enough story to take it forward. Once again it is proved taht a strong script is the first thing required for a good movie. Actors did fine job too and director Nabeel Qureshi was right on the money again. We don’t see Pakistani cinema bring us such entertainment too often, but yet again a group that made “Na Maloom Afraad” back in 2014 has brought us pure amusement, which an entertainment movie surely should. Unlike its predecessor that was the first major effort of the team, Na Maloom Afraad 2 did have a strong brand behind it and opened well in the markets due to an already hit name.


Every medium should make things according to its customers’ needs and Pakistani viewer doesn’t yet have a temperament of watching serious movies like Mah-e-Meer. Subject movies are still a risk to take and so far haven’t delivered on the box office. Even Fahad Mustafa – a star with 3 hits to his name now – said after disappointing performance of Mah-e-Meer that it was too early to make subject movies in Pakistan. Even though the movie did get critical acclaim, it didn’t deliver the way a commercially viable movie should. Thrill is a genre that at times can be very rough so mixing it with a comedy and some adult jokes along with an item number is a popular formula in modern-day cinema. Formula is to limit the movie’s length as cinegoers might get bored watching 3-hour thrill even if it’s worth watching.

So according to the formula mentioned above, this Action-Thrill-Comedy was almost perfectly written and Director did justice with it. Unlike many previous movies, this one had a strong script; it did not have an unnecessary jump; every actor had a decent time on screen; nothing was rushed; and a light suspense too was efficiently merged. Movie was not a perfect one but yet a worthy one. Direction was up to the mark too. Nabeel brought the script to life in an exquisite manner, and after this one, no one should doubt his directional capabilities. No doubt there were some aspects in the movie that could be crafted in a better way, but still this movie had at least a capacity to entertain us. If ratings were meant to be given in comparison then it was maybe the best in many years, anything that passes it or comes near is Sarmad Sultan’s “Manto” and Na Maloom Afraad (2014) itself. Cast so far in both movies is exactly according to the roles, one of the main reasons that performances are quite amazing. Script somehow had loose spots; it was mixed with many previous comedy movies where one seemingly normal thing has something too important in it which belongs to the antagonist but I firmly believe that this does not matter for a rising industry like ours; taking inspiration is no crime and instead of making something utterly nonsensical, our producers should try to make something worthy even if they have to do complete remakes – well, for now.

Cast Performances

Everyone did an amazing job, other than Sohail Javed, Pari’s (Hania Amir) father, who was fine with his expressions but lost it when needed to speak. Simply put, his delivery wasn’t up to the mark, especially when surrounded by many talented actors. Fahad once again did a fine job as the main man of the movie; he did not win the race though, as it was an easy win straightaway for Javed Shiekh, a  perfect example of “Old is Gold”, to be honest. Maybe it was the best performance of his whole career. Saleem Mairaaj follows as 2nd best, a villain with funny sequences and dialogues, maybe a perfect choice for the director. Nayyar Ejaz as ‘Sheikh-al-Baklawa’ provided what was required of him, his getup and accent was right on the money. Mohsin Abaas did a perfect job and is one of the best things in the movie. On the other side, women were given lesser roles, and they were not the best of actors too. Less screen time was given to the beautiful girls compared to the male trio that lived in people’s hearts from the first installment and now with its sequel. Urwa and Hania did an average job while Marina Khan had too small a role in her 70mm debut to really leave a mark. Everyone did above average to be exact, with few exceptions. The villain-duo was brilliant too.

On a personal note, it was one of the better movies all over with a script quite relateable too for the common man. This one had loopholes in it but was good enough for cinegoers, at least a ride that deserves my money, as I don’t waste my money just because I have too much of it or I can afford a cinema ticket just to help industry rising. I got something good to write about, this was after a long that I can say I spent my money on something worthy of it. And I hope to see such exciting stuff more often.

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