The dearth of science in Pakistan that led to Scire

A nation can only be truly free once its citizens are aware of their rights and harness them. Nor can they progress if they think of themselves as useless and unimportant. And in achieving this, knowledge and education play an irreplaceable role. And if we keep on waiting for a messiah to fix our problems, we might as well not wait at all.

At Scire, we have a different story to tell. We believe in and respect the power of knowledge and in our little stories we set out to inform our readers of its importance. We are a group of high school students with the sole aim of promoting knowledge and raising awareness of global environmental issues. The initiative taken by us is unique and amongst the first, if not the first, online magazine by high school students in Pakistan relating to science and technology while simultaneously giving voice to problems generally ignored here.

​Our aim is to promote knowledge and raise awareness of global issues. The initiative taken by us is amongst the first online magazines by high school students in Pakistan relating to STEM while simultaneously giving voice to problems generally ignored.

Agreed that we have advanced unimaginably in the last two centuries. The Industrial Revolution threw us into a fast-paced era where every day new inventions were popping up. We have created the computer as a companion in our daily activities, we are on the brink of eradicating polio, hell we lit the entire world with electricity. “But with the good, comes the bad’.

Today, the world isn’t perfect after our careless endeavours. There are issues that still haunt the better part of the global population and Earth itself. Global warming is on the rise every day and is taking a toll on all of us. In Pakistan, people are dying every day due to diseases as a consequence of impure drinking water. 10% of the people around the world don’t even know there is something like clean and transparent water. There is still hunger, poverty and illiteracy. And not all of us enjoy the fruits of technology owing to lack of education in many areas. We have not yet achieved perfection for there are still paths to walk and wars to conquer.

For as absurd our aim may seem knowledge and awareness is an integral part of the foundation of a progressing nation. Platforms here in Pakistan are scarce, and for the young Newtons out there, barely existent. Scire hopes to be the voice that many lack, to give a chance to young minds to flourish and for the mature ones to be a guiding light. To unite people across the globe in the name of knowledge. To be the Athena of the modern age.

The issues that surround us may be intimidating but within the masses there are those like William Kawkwamba dwelling in the middle of nowhere and yet harnessing the wind! And it is for these individuals that Scire was made. Opportunities are scarce but they exist and when given to those capable enough, the very course of humanity can be changed.

These claims may sound mawkish but a dream is a dream nonetheless. Pakisatan has countless Malalas, Abdus Salams along with many who dream at night of a creation that they cannot build, of a book that they cannot write and sadly of a future they cannot build…

To end these tantalizing dreams they need a light to guide them, to nurture them and hopefully bring out the very best in them. At Scire we urge you “to know”, to inquire, to learn and to present. And for that we hope to be a light for some and an inspiration for others.

Learning is the way to expelling the obscurity of obliviousness. It depends on reason and rationale, be that as it may, a child obtains understanding about the surroundings by hearing and tuning in. Because of the directing light of learning, the world ushered in the modern age brings about an arrangement of creations that might change the face of mankind until the end of time.

With the upgraded level of information, individuals have numerous more choices in expert and individual lives. It enables the flexibility to express the musings and know about the rights and obligations as a citizen. An educated man would not expect terrible conduct from any individual and does whatever makes him or her cheerful.

Dissimilar to the physical entities, knowledge never decreases. It expands on the current database. Your car may break or cash could be worthless because of hyperinflation yet the comprehension of mind stays in place and increments with improved social connection.

And keeping these beliefs intact, we at Scire hope to be a beacon of learning, knowledge and comprehensive thinking and to spread the message that we are built upon “know”.

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