An impossible journey with the aero wheel from Germany to Iran

The circle symbolises his life. Shahin Sadatolhosseini fled Iran 30 years ago and settled in Germany, but now he wants to visit his homeland Iran again. How does he do it?

Rather than simply getting on a plane, he preferred to walk and took as an accompaniment his aero wheel with himself. He started his unprecedented trip from Aachen on December 22, 2015.

The action was planned – Shahin Sadatolhosseini decided in December 2015, to fulfill his lifelong dream. The former wheel gymnasts and freelance artist wanted to bring his drum hoop foot to Iran to make it popular.

“The drum hoop as a circle symbolises my resume because I was born in Tehran and now for the first time I want to visit my origin”, said Shahin. Within one Iranian year (based on the Iranian calendar), he wanted to achieve his goal. It was already clear that he would not be able to complete his journey in time. Many obstacles intervened, but Shahin wanted to continue. After all, the journey is his goal and every day it became special and unique.

Already covered over 3,400 km

During the first part of his trip, in the Iranian winter months Dei, Bahman and Esfand, he covered a distance of 1361 kilometres in 89 days. The route passed through the four German federal states:  North-Rhine Westphalia, Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony, and through Poland to the Czech-Polish border.

He pushed his 100kg heavy wheel including fat luggage in front of it – through town and country, uphill, downhill, through snow and mud, in sun, rain, and storm. This is not a comfortable walking tour, as some people think, but hard work – physically and mentally. Every day has to be rescheduled, the money is scarce. Therefore, he sacrificed his comfort and mostly stayed outside, even in winter.

Through ten countries already with his wheel: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. This is a distance of 3,400 kilometres. Shahin only counts the kilometers that he goes along with his drum hoop foot.

“There is no bad weather, only bad roads”

Shahin’s broken aero wheel

Every day he thinks on which way he should go. Where can he find a place to stay? Where can he find something to eat and drink? Every experience and every encounter brought him a new motivation. There were always low shadows where Shahin thought about giving up.

Then his girlfriend, his family, and his friends supported him.

As we know that life is full of difficulties and it happened as the black weather of his life appeared:

In July, Shahin was unlucky. In Belgrade (Serbia), a drunken driver drove him. Shahin was hurled onto the street. Except strong bruises, Shahin came away with a great fright.

However, the wheel and the car had a total damage. Shahin spent a week in the hospital and then went back to Aachen to organise a new wheel.

His hopes were stronger than his fear.

New aero wheel, new motivation; a month later, Shahin was able to rejuvenate his commitment. And the journey continues…!

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