The ‘Red Devils’ unleashed

As the new season of Premier league begins, many new players and some new teams will play their part in it. Some are hoping to win the title, some to finish in top 4 and some to get themselves out of the relegation zone.

Manchester United’s last season didn’t go according to the plan in the Premier League although they won the Europa trophy, beating Dutch giants Ajax in the final.

Their squad needed a depth for the new season to survive, both in Premier League and Uefa Champions League, as they entered in the Uefa Champions League by wining Europa League.

Their manager Jose Mourinho was aware of this problem, as he made some smart signings ahead of the season. He signed Swedish defender Victor Lindelof from Portuguese Club Benfica, who played brilliantly for Benfica last season. Then came the most expensive signing ever after Paul Pogba for Manchester United: Romeulu Lukaku, a Belgian Striker from another English club Everton for $75M. Then he signed Namanja Matic from his former club Chelsea.

Manchester United played their first match before the start of Premier League, for Uefa Super Cup against the Spanish giants Real Madrid. They were on the losing side as Real Madrid outclassed them in the game and won by scoring 2 goals against Manchester’s one.

But as the new season of Premier League kicks off, Manchester United have shown what they are capable of. They played their first League match against Hammers (West Ham United) and went off to a flying start in the League by smashing them 4 goals and kept a clean sheet as well. Their new signings played tremendously and put United to a wining start and top of the table in the season. First week of the League was good for United as the second week brought Swansea City. United beat them 4 goals to nil again.

Lakaku found the net thrice in 2 matches, as United secured 6 points out of 6. They currently sit on top of the table. Manchester United looks as if they are here to win the League; they look confident, their players have good understanding between them, after having 2-3 bad seasons, and now under Jose Mourinho United looks like the old Red Devils of Sir Alex Ferguson.

But it is just the start of the League and there’s a long way to go from here. You can’t really predict who’s gonna win the trophy this early.

Manchester United looks really good, in shape and very confident to win the League. But yet they have to face a tough competition to win the League. Teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal will give them a tough time on the field. If they clear these hurdles unscathed then there would be no stopping them from winning their 21st League title.

For Uefa Champions League, they have to beat teams like Real Madrid, the number one European Club, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich. It’s obviously not easy to beat them but if United can then they can also win Uefa Champions League. And I know predicting or suggesting at the start of the season who’s gonna win is something people would most often be termed naïve for but sometimes miracles do happen. At other times, dreams break into many pieces. And right now, these are only dreams of the United fans.

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