My NADRA experience and patriotism going out of the window

I had a chance to visit NADRA office in Lahore today. I was proudly going in – thought change has already occurred. Before visiting it, I was feeling proud in myself too that I am an enlightened citizen, and nobody can hoodwink me in anyway. But it was a horrible experience.

The lady-officer sitting in the information center was quite awful in the way of her vocalisations. She seems antagonistic. I had several questions, but with the first answer to the very first question she gave to me; I thought not to proceed with the others.

For a moment, I thought that the youngsters in and out of the country are right when they say, “is mulk ka kuch nahi ho sakta.” Those young ones might already have faced these situations, due to which they seem to be utterly pessimistic about the future of this country. Then I thought of the powerful elite who use other ways like bribery and reference on these public servants and have their work done. Going back to home, I really liked their way of thinking about Pakistan.

It is all about “might is right” in this country. At least youngsters like me even having chances to have lucrative job abroad may be wasting their time here. I do not know about the future, but I do know that currently, things are not right in Pakistan. Public servants are full of arrogance and haughtiness.

Public institutions are not doing their job well. Punjab, I did believe, is much better than other provinces (performance-wise) but it seems that all of them are equally lame with regard to the productivity of the bureaucracy and politicians.

Now, whenever I saw the picture of the great Quaid-e-Azam, my eyes get drenched. Frankly speaking, I cannot celebrate 14 August the way people do. I do think we need to do: work, work and work for at least fifty years to come on the right track set by the developed countries.

There were more than a million people who sacrificed their lives for this country and for us, politicians, civilians, lawyers, public servants, and the likes for the achievement of certain goals. The reality is we are heading backwards. We are so shameless, so cold-hearted that we have forgotten their sacrifices.

Amid this situation, youngsters who have degrees and aim to revitalise the mission for whom Pakistan was created need to snatch the posts from the sluggish servants of the state. This is what Quaid said to a young man. It will take time, but keep on struggling will have us reached our destination sooner or later.

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