Our deposed Prime Minister is exhibiting unhealthy disorders

Dr. J. Gartner, an American Psychologist and Hopkins Professor petitioned online ‘Mental Health Professionals declare Trump is mentally ill and must be removed’. This highlighted the psychiatric status of Mr. Trump and the silly mistakes he might make that can jeopardize the world’s systems. So far, his petition has been signed by 60,000 people and is continually supported among the progressives and understanding population of America. But for us, the more concerning matter is the deposed Prime Minister of Pakistan, who ruled our country for a long time but today, he is found on streets with serving ministers from his party, demanding a new type of justice that should be tailored for him and his family.

It’s concerning that he is found delivering all his speeches in third person and repetitively mentioning his work and services while addressing the crowd by his name not by the personal pronouns, like ‘I’ or ‘Me’. All his appearances after the deposition from the office had episodes of emotionality, teary eyes and a beggary tone of speech. He continually stated, ‘mera qasoor kya hai?’ in the series of his appearances throughout his rally.

Additionally, he also mentioned the worthy Supreme Court as ‘paanch muaziz judge’, which is relatable to his public contempt of court with a slender respecting pitch. He is constantly lying to the community by claiming himself to be clean from any corruption charge that’s been proven and known for ages. He first submitted to a court trial in an address televised by the office and also confidently said he would be accepting the conclusions that will be made after it. An act recorded on his visit with his wife and cabinet to Maldives, few days before his final Supreme Court ruling, is the depiction of a distraught mindset, which every common person knows was less ambassadorial and more pretentiously satisfactory presentation of his personality.

It’s alarming to find that all these senseless actions were performed by a man who has led a government serving team for 30 years. This is highly suggestive of poor diplomacy and closed-door policymaking for the country. The height of his fractured mentality unveiled when his motorcade killed a poor, young boy of a town where he was canvassing his innocence but did not mention it, feel sorry for it, or pass remorse. His spokespersons handed the nation some heartbreaking notes, which is another depiction of his anti-social behavior and a low-minded values of the chosen team. He has presented this behavior in past by preferring silence over the Quetta bombing, Model Town incident and dozens of similar heart-wrenching occurrences of the country. His antisocial and vandalistic ideas were known from the day he ordered his workers to attack the Supreme Court and the sitting respectable judiciary or bribe them. This behavior was unconstitutional from one angle, but psychologically it is a broken personality that did not value the statute laws and the lives of the people that work for his party and agenda.

If we revisit his life, we have popular reports that his father shunted him for a cricketing career and subsequently comforted him for a role in films. He has blatantly spoken against martial law and dictatorship in modern times but has previously become a popular politician by the generosity of the known military men. In the past, his undulating support for his female opponent of 90s era and also staying confidant to religious and secular groups, promises his unstable mental approach towards one common national goal.  All these chapters suggest the volatile nature of his affairs. His subtlety as a business tycoon has been ever flourishing by the kickbacks he and his investors had during his rule. Today, seeing one of Pakistan’s richest men, and a very strong person on the roads, asking for justice, has become sacrilege for his remaining followers, team and family.

It’s the norm of a government to behave sanely on the critique of opposition bench but he has always directed to respond to every thing that came against him. We also saw his presence in the assembly but his defense was made by the backbench of his seat. This portrays that his league has been prepared to attack political opponents, while he prefers to sit on a seat where his presence has been negligible. Instead of positively using his team, he used them for his own self-admiration, which was evidently seen by two men and a woman who spoke for him outside the Supreme Court after every hearing.

He has had problems with empathy and always prefers to stay in the country as an office holder, which adds to his sense of entitlement and grandiose nature. We also found his rift with a sitting internal minister, when he presented with constructive criticism for his premiership. All these matters help clue to his narcissistic personality disorder. Typically, these people cannot see their reflection in an unflattering angle which is pure presentation of aforementioned disease.

His teary eyes, over-reacting in masses, and constantly saying that ‘Himalaya roye ga’, ‘CPEC khatam hojaye ga’ are a presentation of his attention-seeking behavior and suggestive of him being wiser, stronger and the only solution to this country. This shows the histrionic substance in the ex-leader of the state. In the middle of his politics, he considered himself the leader of Muslims and abruptly sent out supporting remarks to oppressed state leaders after the nuclear experiment and said his country was ‘Tiger of Asia’. In reality, the country strives to have clean water, quality healthcare and a structured system for employment.

This is the best example of an overlapping narcissistic, antisocial and histrionic personality, which is termed as cluster B personality disorder. It could have been harder to come closer to this disorder, if the events were fewer in numbers. The repetitive episodes throughout his public service have shown the frailty in his personality that needs a psychiatric attention. We have many examples of such leaders, with similar traits in history, making wrong choices that significantly affected the course of a nation.

Amid all this, the five stages of grief are also relevant for the followers of the deposed prime minister which started with denial on social media, entered into anger in rally and later will assist to get into bargain, depression and lastly acceptance. In the end, no country wants a controversial, frequently abused leader or such diseased, mentally unsound head of the state. We can start a petition too, I hope our Election Commission starts psychological profiling for the contesting individuals as well by interviewing them in the present and reexamining their past statements and practices.

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