Pakistan is an independent country. But is it an independent nation?

As Pakistan’s Independence Day comes around, the passion of people and their love for the country rises on this one particular day. Everyone starts decorating their houses, streets, cars, and anything they find with flags and lights. They start making new patriotic songs and celebrate the fact that we are independent on this day.

It’s been 70 years, but the question still comes to my mind: are we really independent?

Considering each and every factor, from food to education, from society to politics, from our own thinking to national affairs – we have changed the thinking a bit, in cases of honor killing, terrorism, politics, rights of women and future of children, but we are still on the edge of a disastrous society.

Half the people who have knowledge about politics and government indulge themselves in criticizing each other and do not think or take even one step towards the betterment of this society or this country. I am not talking about bigger decisions like making a dam or becoming a president and changing everything in one night. I am talking about minor things, doing things which are in our power. Making a schools or hospitals in the backward areas where they are needed.

And the other half of the people don’t care whose government comes or goes, they restrict themselves to making this society a part of mediocre thinking.  Actually, this is not a problem of our politicians or other countries affecting us. The reason for our problems are ourselves and our way of thinking!

We are so aggressive and selfish that we don’t care who we are hurting in getting what we want. We never think what would make this society better. We don’t want to listen to the other’s suggestion. We don’t want other people to live their lives according to their own will and then we call this country and the people in it “independent”.

To make our country better and truly independent, we should start making ourselves better and independent. By starting to make things better around us, we will bring change to this society, like living each other the basic rights, doing good for others, helping poor when they need us. On the other hand we should not use each other for our own benefits, and listen to each other; implement things rather than criticizing them. If we do succeed in making our surroundings a better place for our children and other human beings, then there is a big chance that soon enough matters on the large scale will be sorted out and finally this country and the people living in it can proudly call themselves independent.

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