Nawaz Sharif’s ouster, and the rift in my family

The ousting of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has given rise to an atmosphere of tussle among institutions in the country. It’s been two weeks that the Supreme Court issued its final verdict in Panamagate case and analysts are busy ascertaining the tension that can be sensed in political atmosphere but I am not worried about political situation in country for this panamagate result has also given rise to friction in my family which with each passing day is getting deeper.

Half of my uncles are in favour of opposition while my father and rest of the family are in favor of the ruling party. Now, there is nothing bad with it for in a democratic society, opposing views exist. It is supposed to be a sort of healthy competition but in present scenario, in absence of any kind of tolerance, the political culture is getting dirty in the country. Similar situation prevails in my home where in the absence of patience, no one seems ready to accept the opposing views.

Yesterday, I was on the Facebook page of my uncle when I saw such posts which are sure to give rise to hatred in society. He loves to share posts which meant nothing but only to ridicule and mock the views of others in degrading manner.

Now, my uncle is a well-educated guy who enjoys a prestigious position in society but his posts on Facebook page depict him as an illiterate man who is sharing only what he thinks goes well with his political beliefs.

Writers giving definition of tolerance have explained it and said that tolerance only for those who agree with you is no tolerance at all and we as a society are simply forgetting it.

The other day, on her way back to home, my sister was on bus when she heard a group of girls abusing and using bad language for a political party. They were in argument with the other group of girls on bus. The situation in public transport got worse when the group started spewing obscenities. That was the moment when other passengers in the bus had to intervene.

Later when my sister was narrating the incident, I remember a quote which I had read somewhere. It says that tolerance is the oil which takes the friction out of life.

It is a dilemma that we as a society are not applying this oil. The day when the verdict of ousting of Nawaz Sharif was given, we were invited at a family dinner. All the way to the home of my uncle, my mother kept on reminding my emotional father that he needed not to discuss the issue of judgment with others, for she knew that my father lacks patience and doesn’t possess the stamina to listen to illogical views.

While typing this, I can hear the reporters giving coverage to Nawaz Sharif’s GT road rally. It reminds me of a channel which is considered pro-government in its overall stance. My uncle is against this channel. So when he’s at someone else’s home, he keeps his phone handy and listens to news on his own favourite channel. He thinks that the news on his favorite channel are accurate.

Needless to mention that when my uncle prefers listening to news on the channel which he thinks presents his own views, the rest of the family members living in same city prefer listening to news on their own favourite channel.

Such is the abundance of news and such is the dearth of its credibility.

This situation in my home and the useless and heated debates which my sister endures not only in her office but also on public transport explains the overall grim picture of society.

As I’m preparing to celebrate the Independence Day, the ugliness of political scenario disturbs me but more than anything else, I’m worried about the practice of the extreme show of intolerance in my family.

There is poverty and there exists illiteracy in our country but the thing which is acting as venom in society is our intolerance. In my view this show of impatience and lack of stamina to listen to opposing views give rise to hatred in the society.

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